As you already know, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is an examination center for DELE on all levels and examinations. We would like to inform you about the success rates of the DELE examination in November 2016.

Students prepared in iNMSOL for the DELE exam

We are going to share with you the experience of those who took a preparatory course for the DELE exam.

Many of the candidates for DELE take a preparation course before the exam. This way, they face it with more confidence and increase their possibilities of passing the exam. These courses, given by iNMSOL, are being carried out by our professors, who are official examiners and have great experience with examinations of all levels and their difficulties.

Students who passed the examination of November 2016

In the month of November we can find the most significant news related to the latest examinations of DELE. It was during this month, when we received many students wanting to take a preparatory course with us. And the success rates are really high! A 94% passed and we feel so proud of our students!

  • We prepared in total 29 students for the B1 level and the 28 passed. These students came from Italy exclusively for preparing with us and take the DELE exam. We can tell that they really took advantage of their stay in Granada!
  • We prepared 3 students for the B2 level and the 2 passed.
  • And for the C1 level, we prepared one student who passed.

We have already received the official certificates of the year 2016. We remind you that you can collect them from our office in iNMSOL. Get in contact with us in case you cannot travel to Granada.

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