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Pájaro Jack y Sr. Chinarro present their new works



 Pájaro Joven, the alternative band from Granada  will perform this night at 21.00 pm at the Alhambra Theatre. 

“There was little time for the album: a day for writing and one for mixing, and the truth is that they were very satisfied. As we were so limited I was asked to do a song with the guitar only. And the truth is that no I thought otherwise. I monitor on a scout group y. .., “says Jaime Beltrán, singer, guitarist and songwriter for the formation of the unexpected Anikuni version included on the album shared with Tannhäuser, part of an award justify its reason for being with a small tour of theaters dependent on the Ministry of Culture in Granada, Seville and Malaga. 

It is another cover, a Spanish adaptation of the Fleet Foxes J. Crosswinds Tillman, “but sent the couple of cuts that now own trio had already registered before, that feeling and lights, delicious and straightforward grammar exercises folky pop with unmistakable emphasis, irresistible and definitely addictive. 

“It’s rare, says Beltran. I think at first what interested me most were the solo singers, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen … When we started with Jack Bird liked bands like Wilco, but the taste was then drifting towards 60 and 70, the British and American folk … It’s funny because after we learned that there was a new wave folk. And we said, go, right now. ” 

What is surprising is not that you hear about the progress of what are now common in such stormy nice scenario, but every one of his still short steps were so strong, so final. Beltrán formed the group with his friend Fran just over a year. They met in a course for sound engineers and decided to implement what they learned filming The EPE The lights in the house first. Five cuts, almost five goals in starting to take shape a taste for sustained multi-voiced harmonies on guitars intertwined and even the occasional banjo. 

Jack Bird got last year in the study of Paul Grau Motril Lizard Nick, Lapido-to record a second EPE hot days. Five goals from five shots. “The first five songs are virtually epe our first five songs. The second is simply the following,” said Beltran. Unsigned, the group did the logical thing: self-release two jobs. “It was just recording the songs and record them on our behalf, but always thinking about the free download, in which you can listen to whoever wants it. The more people the better,” he says. The most important thing for us now is to have concerts. If any label is interested and believe we have enough good songs, they’ll make a record. And if any label is interested but we have songs, we will become a self-release. ” 

Mr. Chinarro, meanwhile, presented in this mini-tour, the songs from his upcoming album, yet untitled. “This album is a bit of everything,” he says. “There is a conceptual work, though, after having read Faust, I think again a cosmogony. My concerns are different and in my songs are about the problems of modern man,” says Antonio Luque. 

The musician published two years ago his first book of poems. “To me what I would really like to devote myself to literature is one hundred percent. But the pop songs also have a message that can be understood.” 

Jack Bird and Tannhäuser, with Mr Chinarro on acoustic as a special guest act today in the Alhambra Theatre, tomorrow at the Teatro Central in Seville and next Thursday at the Teatro Canovas Malaga.



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