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Personal and Professional Benefits of Spanish Immersion Programs

Speaking a second language is a vision of the world. A tried and true method for learning Spanish is an immersion program. One of the great advantages is the ability to internalize the language by being in the foreign country where it is spoken.

You will be immersed not only in the language but in the culture practically all day long. This is invaluable in learning a new language in a fun and exciting way.

Learn Spanish
Spanish is quickly becoming one of the most popular languages in the world. It has 410 million native speakers and 90 million additional speakers who use it as a second language. Just in the U.S. alone there are 35 million speakers which provides several benefits including professional advancement and personal growth. Learning Spanish will expand your cultural understanding of Spain and the immersion programs will allow you to interact with people more effectively.

You will be able to explore places beyond the traditional tourist attractions which will further enrich your experience. In addition, you will find that people will appreciate your efforts in Speaking with them in their native tongue which will bring you closer to them.

Spanish is a romance language which will also allow you understand more about English, since both were heavily influenced by Latin. Spanish is easy to pronounce so it is much easier to learn than other languages and you may even find that learning and understanding French, Portuguese or Italian becomes easier. If this was not enough, it has been proven that learning another language can actually have a positive effect on the development of your brain activity!


There are plenty of resources and books available that can help you get your feet wet in the Spanish language. Some good options are the Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary from Lonely Planet. This book is small enough to carry anywhere so you know you will actually take it with you and use it as a reference guide. Another useful book is Spanish: English Visual Dictionary by DK publishing. This book is built to increase your vocabulary repertoire and includes photographs which will help you retain important information faster and more efficiently.

Learning Spanish is a great investment in a person’s personal growth. It’s benefits are innumerable. It is quiet simply the soundest investment you will ever make.

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