The Plaza de las Culturas welcomes a series of shows free of charge all summer long

From tomorrow, Thursday 18th June, and every Thursday of this summer, the Plaza de las Culturas will turn to a meeting point and new open air stage, which will increase the cultural and leisure offer of the Cultural Center Caja GRANADA Memoria de Andalucía. It’s so that every Thursday at 10pm the visitors can take advantage of the programmed shows free of charge, which are on live view. Live dance and musical performances of different origins form the cultural offer in the square of the Cultural Center Caja GRANADA Memoria de Andalucía.

Exceptionally there will be shows on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 22th July, Wednesday 5th , Friday 21th and 28th August, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September. The programme, presented on press conference by Enrique Moratalla, the Cultural Center Director, and the series planners, Horacio Rébora and Enrique Novi, is considered an original idea for the summer nights.

The series begins with a R.E.A. Danza “Pala-Pala” show, an ensemble, which has been investigating and experimenting a new expression language for 16 years through different techniques, for exemple the classical ballet, the contemporary dance or the acrobatic. It’s dance air show bring to the stage the fight for survival though the dominance on the other. More than a half dozen of interpreters perform in front of an audience, that stops to be the forth traditional and passive wall to turn towards the four walls of the ground exactly from the center of the stage. The company uses a wall of the building as stage; this building, whose name is Pantalla, host the Cultural Center Caja GRANADA Memoria de Andalucía and will persuade the audience to think about the artistic proposal and also about the imposing architecture.

Latin and brasilian rhythms

Liliana Rodriguéz e Ángel Cubiles, into the music business already from the childhood, will delight us next 2nd July with a recital of latin music.

Other artists and federations as Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele; Salvador Amor, Fede Comín, Elena Bugedo e Fran Fernández; The War in Drugs; el Ensamble Instrumental de Granada & Tom Morris; Jesús Hernández Quinteto o Osvaldo Jiménez are an example of the cultural offer of Cultural Center Caja GRANADA Memoria de Andalucía for the summer nights in Granada.

So begin a new leisure and cultural offer in Granada, which will take place in a unique place, the Plaza de las Culturas, where the audience can enjoy a series of dance and music shows at the open air and free of charge, and which complete the various offer of cultural activities suggested by the Cultural Center Caja GRANADA Memoria de Andalucía.

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