Practice your CCSE test with iNMSOL in a very simple way! The new requirements for obtaining the Spanish Nationality imply, among others, overcoming the test of constitutional and sociocultural skills of Spain (CCSE test). Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is accredited as an official test center in Granada, and therefore we feel the need to put at your disposal all the facilities that we can offer to our students.

CCSE exam simulator

As there is no specific preparation for this new test, our school has designed a tool which you can use to practice your CCSE test. It is an online test consisting of 25 questions, and each one is randomly selected from all the questions that may appear in the actual exam.

ccse iNMSOL logo

  • The simulation is divided into five tasks: true or false questions, and questions with three response options.
  • Every question is taken from the real exam: each time you access to the simulator, the questions will vary, which makes it a perfect tool to practice as much as you need before the actual exam.
  • It’s so simple: you just need to access through this link, and fill the form with your full name and your email. After answering the questions you need to click “send” and you will get the result and corrections automatically in your inbox.

So you can start practicing! We hope this tool is useful for you, and we wish you very good luck with the process of obtaining your Spanish Nationality.

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