It’s Friday! And as most of you may know there is the puente de la Constitución starting tomorrow. Those who already live in Spain will know about it, but it can be a rare expression for the rest…

What do we mean with puente?

The next holiday will be the 6th December (day of the Spanish Constitution), on a Sunday, and the 8th December (Immaculate Conception’s day), on a Tuesday. In Spain, by law, those national holidays that take place on a Sunday will be celebrated on the following Monday, so the next Monday and Tuesday are considered as a National bank holiday. It is to say that there will be a few days off in a row: well, we call those days a puente.

Calendario puente

And what are we celebrating?

From 1978, the 6th December commemorates the proclamation of the current Spanish Constitution. We got our rights and liberties back after the dictatorship of Franco.

The other date, the 8th December, is a traditional religious festivity: the Immaculate Conception, as it is the lady of Spain since the XVI century.


iNMSOL will close on the 7th December, Monday, but we will get back to class on Tuesday the 8th! We don’t want you to miss us that much… lol

Have a great bank holiday and enjoy your puente!

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