From radiotheater to Chi Kung

The school offers courses for all tastes. Clown, comic, tango, writing, and short films are just some of the workshops opened to all audiences.


Espacio Arte offers courses and workshops of diverse cultures. Let’s review. Enthusiasts of literature can enroll in the Writing Workshop, taught by Jose Carlos de la Cueva, where they will learn to write in a “free and fresh way”, as the teacher suggests.


Movie lovers can discover the world of the short film. The first step must for any aspiring filmmaker. During the short film workshop students will learn all aspects needed for a short, as the technical and literary script, production, casting, directing actors, filming, editing, post production, promotion and distribution.


Espacio Arte is also home to those interested in the radio theater. A workshop will teach the magic of this activity, the lack of visual components, depend on the dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener to imagine a story.


The comic workshop will focus on the process of creating a story and provide the basic knowledge, basic rules and tricks in order to every student was able to make his own comic.


Humor and clown training

The school also offers a Clown Workshop, where enrollees will learn improvisation techniques, readiness for the game, relationship and commitment to public ridicule. Along these lines, will be taught a Humor Training Workshop because the humor also can be trained.


Chi Kung, tango and oriental dance

If you´re looking for a little bit of relaxation and concentration, the best thing for you is workshop of Chi Kung. ‘Chi’ means air and ‘kung’, work. That is, a technique to practice and learn the process. Something that improves health and mind.


With more movement, tango courses by Edwin Cardenas try to present us the sensuality and the magic of this sensual Argenitne gender. Cárdenas will also open to participants the world of salsa, bachata and salsa caleña.


Also compelling is the oriental dance, course by Federica Massi who will teach all the techniques and tricks.


The Restoration Workshop, taught by Nany Salcedo; Modeling Course with Maria Posada, who teaches how to create sculptures and Artistic Makeup Workshop with Maria Jose Erena, where students learn how to make up for artistic or ludic events.


For children

Children are also actors. The kids can enter into the world of classical ballet in a course specially designed for kids (6 to 9 years) by Joana Serra. Furthermore, Luis Otero continues his Course of Musical Initiation for children in which participants encourage their creativity through the music.



Espacio Arte continues it´s guitar lessons with Rafael Habichuela; singing with Sergio ‘El Colorao’; flamenco and afro-cuban percussion with Benjamín Santiago ‘El Moreno’; dance with Juan Ramírez and Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompilla’.


Creative lab

The hall has created Enclave( )Arte  a space dedicated to the creation and diffusion of dance and theater. Always believing in the fusion of different artistic disciplines. The Enclave debuts with Contemporary – Contac I and II dance courses, Flamenco Contemporary Dance, Performance Laboratory, Jam Session Contact-Improvisation and dance, Play and Create (for children).


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