Gary Cooper is going to be the protagonist of the screen of Granada during the 2015 edition of the Retroback festival.  The fond of the classic cinema will enjoy the possibility to take a look at the famous American actor’s career thanks to the mix of exhibitions, cinema and projections. From his first interpretation in the film Desert Flower, shot in 1926, and during the three decades of his major peak, the one of 40s, 50s and 60s, his presence in the world’ screens grew, increasing his huge success and extolling his personality. Even though tore apart by the cancer, the actor won three Oscars, the last of which in 1960 just before dying.


For many American generations Gary Cooper embodied the average American’s dreams. Tall and attractive, but also natural and incredibly normal in all his actions, Gary Cooper induced the idea that every single man in his simplicity can become a hero.


From the 21st of February to the 1st of March, the Retroback film festival is going to recall his filmography, for a total of 11 titles including his most famous film thanks to which Gary Cooper won his second Oscar: High Noon.


Anyway, in these days of projections, Gary Cooper is not going to be the only protagonist, also different themes will be offered to please every kind of public: The cinema inside the cinema; Jazz, blues and cinema; Fantasy Retroback: the animal threat; The contemporary classics; the nouvelle vague and Retroback in the classes.


All these shows are going to be offered by the Local Government of Granada and sponsored by Cruzcampo. It is possible to buy the tickets in advance. The price can vary between 10€ and 4,50€, but some exhibitions and projections will be for free.


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