Every week a teacher of the school iNMSOL visits with the students one of the most characteristic place of Granada.Yesterday we have been in Sacromonte accompanied by Susana. We have walked, chatted (obviously in Spanish!) and finally got on the top of this beautiful hill! Granada is full of enchanting places and this is absolutely one of them.
Sacromonte is situated in Valparaíso Valley facing the Alhambra. These emblematic places are located one on each side of the Darro River, whose name seems to come from the Latin expression “D’auro” (meaning of gold), due to the famous gold sediments found there. It is a lovely place with its banks and its beautiful Mediterranean forest. We are talking about an enchanting place, made by Mediterranean wood and coastline, and decorated by chumberas (prickly pear) and pitas.
Sacromonte is the traditional suburb of the Grenadian gypsies, big and enigmatic but especially free community. They speak their language: the caló, and people think they arrived in Spain in the XV century, after having walked through Europe and Africa. In their tradition there is a special celebration: the zambra sacromontana, which has always enchanted the tourists with its charm and the flutter skirt.
The caves are the usual home in Sacromonte. Even though their origin is not so clear the first one were built in the XVI century, when the Muslims and the Jews were banished from the city. Later the gypsies joined them. The caves were born for the excluded people.
These architectonical elements, together with the lanes, ravines, the little squares, the facades white painted amount to a unique landscape. The view and the traditions of the inhabitants make this place and this way of life enchanting.

Our activity program is very interesting and we offer new tours every week!!

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