November 1st is the All Saints´ Day in Christian tradition. Each country celebrates it otherwise. Next we will tell you where this tradition comes from and how we celebrate it in Spain.

The early Church celebrated the anniversary of the death of martyrs who died in groups the same day. This led to a common celebration. But during the Diocletianic Persecution there where so many deaths that they couldn´t commemorate one by one but appeared the need to organise common celebration that commemorated all deceased.

Since then Christian countries the 1st of November is a day when we remember those who are not any longer with us. Many families reunite in the cemeteries to visit their deceased relatives and leave flowers. Also in some countries usually the people put

In Spain is not only sadness. In the Spanish tradition there are traditions that have a funny character. For example, Cádiz celebrates Fiesta de Tosantos. This day natives of Cádiz in the central city market dress up animals and even vegetables of markets stand that then take part in the Exornos contest.


On All Saints´Day we can´t forget about traditional sweets. The most popular are: buñuelos de viento (nun´s puffs), huesos de santo (saint’s bones) and panellets.

Buñuelos de viento (nun´s puffs) is a fried pastry filled with whipped cream, chocolate or other cream.  Legend has it that by eating nun´s puffs a soul in Purgatory is saved.


Huesos de santo (saint´s bones) are made of marzipan in the shape of small tubes filled with a various kinds of filling. Its name is due to the beige colour that acquire after being cooked in syrup.


Panellets is a catalán dessert of almonds, potato and pine nuts that we can buy in this region a few days before All Saints ‘Day.


November 1st is also a begging of the chestnuts time which lasts until November 11. These days all over the country, especially in the North, is celebrated Magosto o Castañada. The protagonist is the roasted chestnut, sometimes with honey. Also we can find chestnuts accompanied by fruits or sweets.

In Granada already appeared chestnuts stand. If you find one, send us pictures and we will post it on iNMSOL Facebook.


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