What is the second digital week of Spanish?

The second digital week of Spanish has 35 hours of broadcasting where institutions, ELE professionals and students from all over the world will meet. The event will feature speeches from different professionals in the sector and sessions for all profiles involved in the ELE sector.

The event is organised by FEDELE.

What is FEDELE?

FEDELE Spanish in Spain is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners, made up of six associations, which together comprise around one hundred Spanish as a Foreign Language Schools.

FEDELE’s main objective is to promote a status of quality and professionalism of the companies of the sector in the Teaching of Spanish in Spain. The intention is to offer a good experience of linguistic and cultural immersion to students from all over the world.

How to participate in the second digital week of Spanish?

If you want to participate in this digital event, let’s inscribe here!



It is totally free!

What is the programme?

From Monday 15th November until Friday 19th November there will be different online courses that can be attended, among them:

  • Spanish and its teaching.
  • Language tourism: variables and challenges.
  • The private ELE sector in Spain.
  • Spanish and art.
  • ELE learning through art.
  • Autonomy and digital resources in Campus Difusión.
  • Spanish in its written expressions.
  • Spanish in new technologies and its linguistic diversity.
  • Workshop for language professionals.
  • History and evolution of HOLA magazine as an ELE learning tool.
  • How to offer effective and affective feedback in the Spanish class.
  • Spanish and society

From iNMSOL we advise you to register and participate in the event. Enjoy the training that it offers!

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