In Cueva La Retama, a cultural association in the Albaicín, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December will take place a course of modern flamenco. It is addressed to people with at least an intermidiate level and the teacher will be CARINA LA DEBLA, winner of the 2nd prize in the 11th Young Creation Competition in 2006 with “Coreografia con Abanico”. For more information see her web page:

There will be two different classes:

1) body technique class – arms, shoulders and hips movement, zapateado→ Friday and Saturday from 16pm to 17:30pm – Sunday from 11am to 12:30am

2) choreography class – “Alegrías con Abanico” → Friday and Saturday from 17:45pm to 19:15 pm – Sunday from n12:45am to 14:15am

Registration: technique class costs 60€ (50€), choreograohy class costs 75€ (65€) both classes 115€ (100€); prices in brackets refers to those who enroll before December 15th. Places are limited, maximum 8 people.

For more information and contact: 627641423 or mail to

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