The winter season of Sierra Nevada closed yesterday for a weekend with hotel reservation over 60% and a high number of skiers.

As indicated in a note Cetursa, hotel reservation this weekend has weakened the traditional drop in reserves that occurs after the holidays. The opening of the ski area has also allowed the skiers “are distributed either by the 102.6 kilometers of tracks offered by Granada station” so that “only the cable cars have endured a rush for the first moments of the day. ” Thus, all open areas, the skier has more than 370 hectares of skiable terrain and a vertical drop of 1,700 meters, the largest in Spain. In addition to its effect on the speed of the lifts, this situation produces a “comfortable skiing with areas such as the Laguna de las Mares, where skiers have enjoyed a spectacular setting and some tips for skiers of high quality.” 

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