Like every year, in case anyone did not know it, on December 22nd we celebrate the traditional Christmas Lottery in Spain. Many will be surprised by the large number of Christmas traditions we have, right? The villancicos, the Day of the Innocents, the nativity scene … But there are many more.

Extraordinary Christmas Lottery

The Extraordinary Christmas raffle is a lottery that is celebrated from the year 1811 in December, the 22nd each year. This raffle is called Lotería de Navidad, Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad or just sorteo de Navidad. It is part of the National lottery and is the most popular draw in the whole country. The numbers are taken out of some “round cages” called “bombos”, and it is the children of San Ildefonso school who are singing each number with each corresponding prize, it is very curious to hear it!


Peculiarities of the Lottery

This draw has become a Christmas tradition for years. It is almost impossible to find a family that has not bought a ticket, or more than one! The numbers for this lottery are put on sale many months in advance, in the summer. It is very common that people buy tickets of some of the cities they visit, or their favorite number, and share them with family, friends or colleagues.

Although the first prize in the Christmas Lottery is not the highest that can be achieved in random draws in Spain, it is nevertheless the most popular of all, and the one that sells the most décimos. The first prize is called “el Gordo”, and the expression that is used to say that you have won the prize is “me ha tocado el Gordo”.

How do we live the Lottery in Spain?

This lottery is sold as something emotional, more than a simple prize. The décimos are not décimos, but pieces of illusion. Even the advertising is encouraged to purchase the Christmas Lottery as a symbol of the illusion that produces the raffle, and the happiness it provides to share the prize with someone. Families cry with excitement and offer champagne to celebrate that they get a part of the Gordo, even if it is few money.

To better understand this feeling we recommend you take a look at the advertising spots that are made every year for the Lottery. They are almost another tradition!

And the most remember, a little bit older …

Which one do you like the most?

Check your décimo here

And since the raffle is tomorrow, and you are studying Spanish in Granada or any other Spanish city, you’re still in time to buy your ticket! Tomorrow, at the end of the raffle, you will be able to check your décimo  and know if you have won any prize by clicking here:


Good luck!