This 14th of November we will have the opportunity to appreciate the moon that is going to approach the Earth more than the usual. We can observe it on the eve of November 14 and it will be 14 % bigger and 30 % brighter than a regular crescent moon.

This phenomenon is because our satellite will be very close to the point of its closest orbit of Earth 48,280 km closer to the farthest point.


NASA says that the full moon will not be as close to the Earth until November 25, 2034.

The best place to go to see the super Luna is far from the big cities and the lights. We will be able to appreciate it all the night, but it is expected that the peak of its full phase will be reached in the morning of 14 of November at 13.52 hours in Spain.

If you go to see it, send us photos of the Super Luna to our Facebook.

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