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Surely you all have noticed that Spaniards do not give much importance to Santa Claus or not at least as in other countries… but why? As you can see, the Spanish tradition marks that the gifts for the children are brought by the tree Magic, during the night of January the 5 to 6. Thus we celebrate Epiphany 2016.


“This custom is based on the Catholic belief that the three Magisters from the East traveled to the manger where the Baby Jesus was born, following a huge shooting star that guided them. These kings, called Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, wanted to celebrate the birth of God by giving him gold, incense and myrrh respectively”.

cabalgata-reyes-magos-granada-451x300The Spanish children spend the previous weeks to this night preparing their letter. Before the night of Epiphany, each child will make a letter asking for the gifts that he want to receives, that will be sent via post or it will be delivered in hand, the night of the 5 of January. That night will be a parade in the city of Granada, in which the Kings will share candies and they will receive the letters of those children who want to have delivered them by hand.

To get the gifts that are requested there is only one requirement: to have been a very good child throughout the year. If it has not been so, charcoal may be given as punishment instead of gifts.

That night before sleeping, the children put their shoes under the Christmas tree and they leave some milk and candies for the Kings, since they and their camels, need to recover strength after a such long night.

The morning, the only thing that they have to do, is to discover the gifts and enjoy them!carbon-dulce-reyes1


Students of iNMSOL, have you been good?

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