Today we will present another of very famous festivals which was inagurated yesterday at noon in Pamplona, ​​the region of Navarra. The Festival of San Fermin, popularly called sanfermines , is known mainly for so called closures (encierros) which are based on running in front of a herd of bulls in the streets of the city. However, bulls are not the only part of this tradition.


The Festival of San Fermin, born already in medieval times, takes place between the 6th and 14th July. It is opened by launching a firework rocket, called chupinazo first dayof celebration. A content of the following days is basically a serie of encierros with a distance of 894 meters. Encierros are celebrated in the morning and takes less than 5 minutes. It finishes in a bullring (plaza de toros) where the bulls are closed so that they would be released once more in the afternoon to start a bullfight (corrida).

The festival continues in that way until the 14th July when the sanfermins´ celebration ends with the bulls of Miura, the closure of the strongest bulls, and in the evening with the song of farewell Poor me (Pobre de mí). However, the festival´s program includes other activities and events. One of them is, for example, the Riau-Riau where thousands of people gather on the square and sing the waltz Riau-Riau. The festival is also accompanied by a number of concerts, festivals, fairs and many more.

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