What do the soups have that make them so desirable?
Soups, creams and broths are not only foods that are part of our culinary tradition but are also foods that are part of a balanced and varied diet. For its preparation, in general, very varied ingredients are used, such as vegetables, fish, meat, pulses, rice … etc., so that there is the possibility of adapting the dishes to all the tastes of those who consume them. In addition, the combination of ingredients makes the dish not monotonous.
During the winter the soups bring warmth and a feeling of comfort and it is the best thing to tone the body on cold days like the ones that have just arrived here in Granada.
iNMSOL, to face the sudden cold, offers you a compilation made by three of the most delicious recipes among the soups consumed in Spain.
1. Lentil soup
2. Seafood soup 
3. Puchero andalúz 
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