RAEThe Real Academia Española published in October the 23rd edition of the DRAE – Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, the most authoritative dictionary of the Spanish language.

The new edition is aimed at enriching the Diccionario, modernizing it and making it more coherent. What really brings to the innovation of a dictionary is the necessity to update it, introducing new words, rectifying older ones, and, as often occurs, deleting old entries that have fallen into disuse; but most importantly the improvement of the information contained in the dictionary is carried out, which implies a long and scrupulous process.


Most important adjustments:

– inclusion of transliteration after Greek etymologies [ aporía. (Del gr. ἀπορία aporía) ]

– ampliation of morphological information

– numbering of all entries, including the first one.

– simplification of the historical marks.

– distinction between the different geographic marks with reference to Latin America [«Am.», «Am. Mer.», «Am. Cen.» andy «Ant.»]



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