En martes, ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes. (On Tuesday, do not marry, nor embark, nor leave your home.)

This old Spanish saying partly reflects a typical superstition of Spain and the Hispanic countries (Cuba, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador), that is considering Tuesday the 13th as a day of bad luck and misfortunes.

In Anglo-Saxon cultures it has moved to Friday the 13th, while in Italy the day of bad luck is Friday the 17th.

The association of Tuesday to bad luck stems from the fact that Mars was the Roman god of war, and that is why the homonymous planet is considered a land of destruction, blood and violence.

As regards the number thirteen, there are different reasons why it is related to bad luck. In fact it is a number that appears in legends and tragic events.

For example, the people present at the Last Supper were thirteen (twelve apostles plus Jesus). There were also thirteen evil spirits according to Jewish Kabbalah and it was in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation where the antichrist arrived. Also in the tarot, the card associated with death bears the number 13. Finally, a legend says that on Tuesday the 13th there was the confusion of languages ​​in the Tower of Babel.

However, the moment when Tuesday the 13th became the day of bad luck was probably the one of the fall of the Roman Empire in Constantinople in May 1453, a fatal event for Christians, which occurred exactly on Tuesday the 13th.

Despite all the negative elements related to this date, for some people this is a day of good luck, and during that day they bet on that number in gambling.

By the way, positive events also occurred on this day.

Martes 13

For example, two years ago the Hubble telescope observed the rebirth of the stars in a flash, providing a deeper insight into the evolution of the central stars of planetary nebulae.

On 13th Tuesday 2016, they managed to stop the yellow fever, which in Angola and the R.D. had caused more than 200 deaths.

Finally, this day the FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri “Timochenko” arrived in Colombia and reached a peace agreement with the Government, which meant a historic peace in the country.

For this reason we believe that something great could happen to us today, against all odds. Luck is always unpredictable and surprises us in the most unexpected moments.

iNMSOL wishes you a day full of good news and fantastic events!

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