Do you know what Spain celebrates on 12 October? Columbus Day!


Día de la hispanidad

“El Día de la Hispanidad” is the official name given to Spain’s national day, and is celebrated on 12 October.

The celebration traditionally includes a military parade attended by the King, together with the royal family, the Prime Minister and other high-ranking representatives of all the powers of the State, including those of the autonomous regions.

The 12th October holiday is also known as:

* Día de la Fiesta Nacional (National Day)

* Spain’s National Day

* Day of the Homeland

* Columbus Day

* Day of the Pilar, Patron Saint of Hispanic America



Día de la hispanidad

What is the history of Columbus Day?

On 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus landed with his men on the island of Guanahani in the Bahamas archipelago. This event is known as “the discovery of America“, and has been considered a memorable day because from then on contact between Europe and America began, culminating in the so-called “encounter of two worlds”.

In 1892, on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the discovery, and under the regency of María Cristina, it was proposed by royal decree that this date should coincide with the celebration of the National Holiday.

Although, legally, Columbus Day did not gain recognition in Francoist Spain until 1958, when a decree of the Presidency of the Government of 9 January 1958 established: “Given the enormous significance that 12 October means for Spain and all the peoples of Hispanic America, 12 October will be a bank holiday, under the name of Columbus Day”


Día de la hispanidad

Are you ready to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage?

From iNMSOL we recommend you all to participate in these events of national and international renown.



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