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The Spanish Language Orthography

The Spanish Language Orthography: 


Scholars in San Millán finalized the new “Spanish Language Orthography”.
The Interacademic Commission who is preparing the basic text of the new edition of the Spanish Language Orthography ” from today in San Millan de la Cogolla (La Rioja), the remaining aspects of this new Hispanic work, will be published in December before the end of this year.
The president of the Association of Spanish Language Academies and director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Víctor García de la Concha, will report tomorrow in San Millan, the details of this new work, together its coordinator, Salvador Gutiérrez Ordonez, and the Minister of Culture of La Rioja, Luis Alegre.

In these work sessions, hosted and sponsored by  the San Millán de la Cogolla’s foundation, the Commission adopts the opinion to submitt to the twenty-two Spanish Language Academies, which will corresponds the final approval.
De la Concha said this new edition will be “much wider and more scientific than that of 1999 and will not elude the controversial issues.”

He also stressed that the new Orthography contain no surprises as to the general rules, which will remain the same as are “well established” between the Spanish people.
Therefore won’t be so deep reforms, only will be “an explanation of why for each rules”, and of each recommendation made, said the director of the RAE.
As happened with the New Grammar of the Spanish Language, published in December 2009.

The Orthography has been realized with the collaboration of all the Academies of the Spanish speaking countries and the final text will be approved during the meeting that these institutions will hold in the Feria del Libro de Guadalajara (Mexico), at the end of this November.
In this big cultural event, the directors of the Academies staged the formal approval of this essential reference work, that in Spain will be presented “between 10 and 13 December,” said Garcia de la Concha.
The content of the Orthography, is to be about 700 pages, and has been outlined and approved in following meetings of the committee charged with drafting interacademy the different chapters, involving academic language areas that divide the work, and that the meeting today in San Millán.
The orthography edition of 1999 was “very small” and, as explained by Salvador Gutiérrez, perhaps because it is so brief “gave rise to doubts in many respects”, including the punctuation, capitalization or symbols.
The edition to be published by Espasa before Christmas in Spain, and then distributed throughout Latin America, “is much more explicit, more comprehensive and justified.”

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