Spanish, commonly known as “Castellano”, is the official and the more spoken language among the Country’s Autonomies. But it is not the only one spoken.
The Constitution of December 1978, recognized three co-official languages more: the “Catalán” and the “Gallego” that, like Castellano, come from Latin and the Euskera, whose origin is uncertain.

The “Catalá”.
Like Castellano, it has been recognized as official language of Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana and Balears. It is the product of Vulgar Latin’s evolution, spoken in the north-eastern part of Iberian Peninsula. For a long time it has been considered a dialectal variety of provençal. Nowadays it has been demostrated that it is a romanic language coming from Latin. In the first half of XII century it was spoken in Cataluña, but after Jaime I’s reconquer, the language has been extended in Valencia’s reign and Balears Islands.

The “Galaico-Portugués”.
The Gallego is talked in the whole Galicia, in the western part of Asturias and in some zones of Leon and Zamora. Gallego has Latin origins, too and it is very similar to Portuguese.

The “Euskera”.
Vasco is the only non-romance languange in the whole Iberian Peninsula. It is a very old language and it is supposed to belong to Caucasian group of languages.

In Spain are talked others unofficial varieties and dialects and a language with “no-land”, the Caló, talked by Gypsies.



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