Last week a group of students from Brighton came here, in our Institute; they were 17 students, with two teachers.
Stay from BrightonHere in Granada they had a great stay; during the mornings they used to go to Spanish lessons, and for the afternoons we organized a lot of different activities. With the valued help of a diary, written by the students, we are now going to see what they did this week, and how they enjoyed Granada.


On Monday

After having  gone to school, English students enjoyed the afternoon by going, with our teacher Mª Ángeles as tour guide, to Sacromonte and to Albaicin, “the star of Granada, because the view was breathtaking”, says Priyogi, one of the students.


On Tuesday

Stay from BrightonOn Tuesday they went in the city center, where they had a walk around and saw a lot of interesting things. To begin, they went to Alcaicería, the old Arabian market, well known for its original narrow streets and its Arabian shops, which you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Afterwards, they visited the old town council building, and finally the Cathedral, the real gem of Granada, built up in the XVI century, and still majestic and outstanding.


On Thursday

Week was ending, and students haven’t seen the cutest thing of Granada yet. Which one? The Alhambra! Eventually they went there on Thursday, accompanied by our teacher Juan Luis, which was their tour guide during the visit in the beautiful Arabian castle.


We had a great time here with them, and we wish is the same for the students and the teachers.

Hope to see you soon, Brighton!

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