To every reader of this blog, now we will tell you another experience that we had with a group of young students coming from the outside of the city of Fermo, Italia. A total of 14 guys enjoyed an unforgettable week in the city of Granada, accompanied by all the staff of iNMSOL.


On Thursday 7 of March they got to Granada and they met their host family immediately, with whom they lived the entire period of stay in our country. To share with these families breakfast, lunch and dinner gave them the possibility to try the majority of traditional Spanish dishes.

On Friday it started the lessons with an academic program that gave them the possibility to improve the 4 capacities of comprehension and production oral and writing. We divided them into 2 groups and the program respected their Spanish level (B1 level) totally. For sure we offer classes and activities for every level for the learning of Spanish as Foreign Language.


Time passed quickly on Saturday and the child seemed very keen to enjoy the visit of another Andalusian city: Cordoba. So on Sunday they made an excursion to this wonderful place with a teacher of the centre and a local guide that accompanied them during the visit. Cross the Roman Bridge of Cordoba makes you feel as dream walking and fill you with history, nevertheless Cordoba is Heritage of Mankind.

After a week of tourism, on Monday they retook the class so they were occupied on the morning. On the other hand, they did some activities in the afternoon.

Among which they liked more, it is sure that there is the walk around the Albaicin and Sacromonte and the visit to the Alhambra and Generalife.

For the lovers of contemporary art was a great spectacle to see the Graffiti that decorate the walls of some streets in the center of the city, that is Realejo.


On the following Thursday they went away, in just one week they left a lot of memories in our heads but above all in our hearts. We hope that this experience has been useful to discover some aspects of Spanish culture and traditions.

Good luck to everyone and… see you soon!


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