Learn Spanish by coming to Granada, Spain!

Cursos adolescEmbark upon a summer adventure by enrolling in our Spanish Learning Center located in Granada. Our school, Instituto
Mediterráneo Sol, is certified by Instituto Cervantes and offers classes of no more than ten students. Classes begin each week on Monday morning and continue all week through Friday. Enjoy the benefits of intensive study with a group of your peers!

By enrolling in our five-day series of classes focused on learning how to speak Spanish, you will also benefit from the many activities we offer to also enjoy the city where the school is located. The city of Granada has many fascinating sites to see, including The Alhambra, an ancient fort and palace that provides an outstanding example of medieval architecture.

Visit the famous Capilla Real, where Spain’s notorious Catholic Monarchs lie. Enjoy the nearby Generalife Gardens where kings and sultans enjoyed courtyards, flora and water features.

Come to the Basilica of St John of God and marvel at its opulent features glittering throughout the structure. There are quite a few palaces, churches and monasteries open to visitors if you wish to do more sightseeing.

You will also be delighted by the numerous cafes, restaurants and bistros scattered throughout the city of Granada.

Your travel to Granada will go smoothly and conveniently. Upon your arrival at the local airport, transportation will pick you up from the airport of Granada or Málaga, and bring you to your accommodation.

Accommodations will be arranged with a local Spanish family, where you will be able to improve your Spanish and to learn more about the native culture.

We will also make arrangements for you to travel throughout the local area on daily excursions to learn more about Granada and Spain.

To make you feel comfortable in the learning environment, we have created daily social activities for you and your classmates to enjoy in addition to the excursions and the daily lessons in Spanish. All of these activities are designed to enhance your learning experience. Furthermore, Should there be any need, we offer telephone service seven days a week and 24-hours a day.

Come and join these groups! Do as they are doing this month: we have welcomed students from different countries, such as USA, Ireland or Thailand, and they are having a massive summer in Granada learning Spanish. They have already enjoyed walking tours around the city center; they’ve visited the Science Park and Planetarium, and they have travelled to Córdoba… and that won’t end there! They still have much plans to do.

So don’t think twice and enrol with iNMSOL, come to Granada!



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