The Singer-songwriter Abril para Vivir Festival was born 14 years ago, in 2001, as a tribute to Carlos Cano and it is named after one of the singer’s most representative songs: Luna de Abril. The internationally known artists and the one of new generation got on the stage and are going to appear on it, which purpose is to allow all the singers to reach the general public, whether they are famous or not. On the other hand, Abril para Vivir, gives the public the opportunity to know international artists; in this way, in the past editions, many French troubadours and South American bands performed in Granada thanks to this event.

Moreover, this year, the Abril para Vivir Festival support the declaration of Granada as a UNESCO City of Literature, and this emphasize as the festival is related to many different aspects of arts of the city of Granada.

The first concerts are taking place on Thursday the 16th of April, and, along 14 days, it is going to be possible to attend numerous artists’ representations which are taking place at the Auditorium of the Architecture University, the Caja Granada Theater, the Cervantes Theatre and many other locations. All entrances are going to be free until reaching the capacity limit.

More information about the Abril para Vivir Festival and the complete program on the official page of the event.

Abril para Vivir

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