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The Bloody Beetroots in concert in Granada

Tonight the Italian DJ known as Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo in going to play in the renewed sala Revert Industrial Copera in Granada. In 2006, at the beginning of his career he used to deejay with another DJ called Tommy Tea. The two of them obtained great popularity and they performed in various tours around the world, from America to Japan to Russia; another element that distinguished this group is the intelligent use of their marketing and their image. Despite the success gained, after years of collaborations, the duo split in 2013. Now the Italian DJ keeps the name he had when he used to play with Tommy Tea: The Bloody Beetroots.

The advanced entrance for sala Revert Industrial Copera worth 12€, and it is possible to buy it at Hunga Bulunga, the Pub Soma and in the webpage Buying the entrance it will be available to use the busses that are taking you to the concert. The departure and arrival place is the Shopping Center Neptuno and they start from midnight.

The bloody Beetroots

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