On Sunday the 3rd of May is taking place in Granada one of the most popular celebrations of Andalusia: the Día de la Cruz. The tradition of this celebration in Granada dates back to the XVII century, when in the barrio San Lázaro was fabricated an alabaster cross around which the people of the neighborhood gathered.

Nowadays, during this event, the streets are filled up with people and altars honoring the Santa Cruz, and this image is not too far from the first celebrations in which the children used to build altars decorated with copper objects and “peros” (Golden apples of Granada) with some scissors stick on them. Now, each association of neighbors builds its cross, the council too, to take part in cross competition, which rewards four different categories of crosses. The prizes are then given on the same day during a ceremony in which it is read the official proclamation.  The atmosphere in this day is incomparable; despite one hundred years ago the manifestation almost disappeared due to the prohibition to ask for money to build the crosses. The children and the elderly usually celebrate this event wearing flamenco dresses and enjoying the crosses.

Although since 6 years ago the sale of alcoholic beverage in the bars established near the crosses was banned, the people of Granada keep seeking new ways of celebrating this manifestation in the same way it was celebrated almost 400 years ago: singing and dancing around the Cruz.

Día de la Cruz

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