On the Easter Monday, the exit and return to the San Pedro church does not leave any of the participants indifferent. Probably the most suggestive characteristic is the route though the Acera del Darro realized by the Brotherhood of Trabajo, that is going to start at 04:30pm. The Brotherhoods of Dolores and Rescate are leaving from the San Pedro church and from the Santa Mría Magdalena church at 06:00pm, while the Brotherhood of Huerto is leaving at 07:00pm from the Comendadores de Santiago church and the Brotherhood of San Augustín is leaving from San Antón church at 08:45pm.

During the Holy Tuesday four brotherhoods are celebrating the processions in the streets of Granada; in the Albaicín the suffering Christ is takeing the Crucifix through the white houses of the quarter. The Brotherhood of Lanza is leaving at 04:45pm from the roman bridge; the one of Vía Crucis from San Juan de los Reyes at 06:10pm; the one of Esperanzas leaving from Plaza Nueva at 6:30pm and the Brotherhood of Humildad is leaving from the Santo Domingo church at 07:25pm.

The Holy Wednesday is different from the other days of the Holy Week for the route followed by the Brotherhood of Consuelo: a path through the gipsy’s caves and the dwellings, who start huge bonfires inside the caves. The “Gipsy’s Procession” is beginning at 04:45pm in the Santo Corazón church and it will last more than 10 hours before going back through the Sacromonte.

The Maundy Thursday’s night is the magic night of Albaicín. The whole quarter is transforming into a reliquary of images between the narrow streets through which the three Virgins, the Concha, the Estrella and the Aurora parade with the Cristo del Silencio (the Christ of Silence). During these celebrations the people that during the year have been passionately praying the Aurora, acclaim Jesus’ mother shouting “Aurora! Guapa, Guapa y Guapa!” (Aurora! Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful!). The brotherhoods which are participanting to these celebrations are the one of Concha, the one of Salesianos, the one of Aurora, the one of Estrella and the one of Silencio; and they are leaving from the respective departure point at 04:45pm, 05:00pm, 05:50pm, 06:00pm and at midnight.

The Good Friday is probably the day of the Holy Week in which the highest number of people participates to the celebrations: thousands of citizens gather in the Campo del Príncipe at the same hour in which Christ died. On this day also some of the characters of the Sacred Scriptures are parading: in particular a group of roman soldiers and the Three Mary, the Virgin, St. Joseph, Joseph Nicodemus and Joseph from Arimatea; that are the ones who took Jesus to his sepulcher. Along the Friday there are going to be six processions from 01:45pm to 01:20am.

The protagonist of the Holy Saturday is without any doubt the Virgin of Angustias, being herself the patron of Granada. The procession is leaving from Puerta de la Justicia and is arriving at the Alhambra.

The last day of the Holy Week is the Easter Sunday, and it is the day in which the children are the main participants with the Redeemer Child’s image. The tinkling of the children playing small bells symbolizes the welcome that Christ received while entering Jerusalem on the fork. During the Easter Sunday three Brotherhoods are parading: the one of Resurrección at 09:00am, the one of Resucitado at 11:00am and the one of Facundillos at 11:30am.

You can find the complete timetable and more information on this webpage: http://www.granadatur.com/semana-santa

Semana Santa Granada Completa

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