On Saturday the 2nd and on Sunday the 3rd of May, in the Sport Palace of Granada it is going to be established the comic festival FicZone.  Every year this event grows up, attracting more and more fans that come from each city of Andalusia and other parts of the country thanks to the busses specifically organized by the directors of the festival. The admirers of this genre are enchanted by the mix of playful activities, workshops, games, competitions and meetings with national and international authors that the organizers invite every 12 months and that they are always trying to improve.

The firms that there will be, are as from Spain, Jorge Molina, Pedro Delgado and Jorge Jiménez, as from foreign countries, Xian Un Studio, Sakae Esuno, Nikita and Annshella, and it will be possible to meet this artists during both days. Moreover there will be various conferences, videogames free plays, board game tournaments and an entire area dedicated to Japan, a huge exponent of this genre.

The FicZone festival is opening on Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm and on Sunday from 11:00am to 8:00pm; the advance ticket worth 4€. The price in the ticket window is going to be of 5€ per day. More information about the FicZone are available on the official page

FicZone 2015

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