Do we really know the importance of language tourism?


More and more tourists take advantage of their travels to learn a new language. Not only do they travel to get to know the place, but they are looking for a complete experience in which to communicate with the inhabitants of the holiday destination. This fact represents a great opportunity for cultural and commercial growth for tourist destinations. In our case, for the city of Granada, in Andalusia.

Tourists in Granada

Tourists in Granada


The union between the tourism company and the main players in language tourism, among which are the language institutes such as iNMSOL, can offer Spain the possibility of being a world leader in language tourism.



In the period of 19-23 May, FITUR (the most important tourism fair in the country) will present in its next edition “Special Recovery Tourism” the space FITUR LINGUA, in collaboration with FEDELE.

FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners) brings together more than one hundred language institutes. The Federation supports and invests in Spanish language schools, so that they offer the best possible service: language immersion and an excellent experience for students.

Representatives of these institutes will attend FITUR LINGUA to discuss the importance and value of language tourism. And, above all, on the importance of this in being considered a great potential within the Spanish tourism sector; to be world leaders in this sector, together with our linguistic, cultural, historical and landscape wealth, would be a great commercial boost for Spain.


Language tourism

The goal of the tourist who does language tourism is to go to a place in order to learn the language. Spain has the possibility to become a world leader in this sector!

Getting ready to travel

Getting ready to travel


According to the Instituto Cervantes, 580 million people speak Spanish and 22 million people study it, in 110 countries; it is also ranked third in languages used on the internet. The data reveal that language tourism is an expanding sector and that more and more students go to a foreign country to learn this language.

Tourists in the Paseo de los tristes

Tourists in the Paseo de los tristes


Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, as part of the main actors, supports all initiatives that contribute to the development of this sector.

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