The Instituto Mediterráneo Sol has been an Accredited Centre in partnership with the Cervantes Institute since 2002. We have been evaluated periodically, gaining the best evaluations, purposing to permanently guarantee our students the best service quality, which is reflected by a report announced by a prestigious external institution as the Cervantes Institute is.

In these evaluations not only are analyzed and marked the different aspects or the abilities (Academic activities and teaching quality, Facilities and equipment, Administrative organization and Information and advertising) needed to carry out our activities but the evaluating entity issues a report including suggestions and aims to be achieved before the following evaluation. In this way, there is a continuous desire for daily improvement that compels us to keep updated and improve all the aspects of our working method.

On July 2017 there will be our next evaluation, and we will be approved as Accredited Centre by the Cervantes Institute for 15 years.

More information regarding the importance of being a Cervantes Institute Accredited Centre here


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