The Niños Mutantes were born in 1994 when the lyricist and songwriter Juan Alberto Martínez started collaborating with the drummer Nani Castañeda and the bassist Miguel Haro. Since their first records the band gaind small successes and good critiques, whichaloowed them to perform in some radio channels such as Canal Sur Radio and Radio 3. Only after two years, in 1996, the band signed for the record company Astro Disco and in this moment their real career begun. During the summer of 1998, the guitarist Manolo Requena and the keyboard player Rafael Torres joined the band, allowing the group to play a music much more similar to the one of band such as the Placebo, the Suede or the Radiohead. They reach their maturity publishing in the Octuber of 2000 the CD titled Otoño en Agosto: an album more intimate and less accessible than the previous works. After two years the group published a third album, El Sol de Invierno, which permanently presented themselves in the Spanish Indie scene. During the following years the band went back to their original formation, just three components, and they took interest in  different music styles, like the ones of Neil Young or Wilco. With this last change the band hit the big time also in the American continent, publishing other albums for the Astro Discos until 2008 and signing for Ernie Records in 2010, a recording company that allowed them to publish three more albums; the last of which titled El Futuro in 2014.


The Niños Mutantes are performing on Friday the 17 and on Saturday the 18 at Sala Planta Baja in Granada at 9:30pm. The presale entrance worth 15€, while the normal entrance bought at the ticket window will cost 18€.

Niños Mutantes

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