Wednesday the 25th of March the famous singer Romeo Santos, also known as “The King of Bachata”, is going to perform at the Sport Palace of Granada.During the tour he is presenting bpth the new songs taken from his new album and the old ones which have increased his fame all over the world, such as: Propuesta Indecente, Loco, Necio, Eres Mia y To También. Initially Romeo Santos, alias Anthony Santos, gained his international popularity performing with the Group Aventura, before starting his own career as solo, recording his two first albums thanks to which he won many awards as the Ascap and the Billboard.

The doors of the Sport Palace of Granada are opening at 7:30p.m., while the concert is beginning at 22:30; the organization recommends holding the ID in your hand while entering. The entrance prices start from 40€. In the official page of the event ( is specified that the youngsters under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The management recommend to wear comfortable clothes and trainers.Romeo Santos Granada

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