When In the fast-paced world of business, there is no time to waste. Everyone knows that “Time is money” right!!! If you want to make your way in the Hispanic corporate world, beyond language it is essential to master those key phrases and words that will allow you to move through this chaotic world. From the jargon of finance, through the technical language of a board of directors, let’s take a closer look at the “Spanish of business.” From our wide range of courses, you can also choose a specific course to delve into the Spanish of the corporate world.

español corporativo


Key vocabulary: the ABCs of business

Don’t let the technical terms scare you. Here you will find a list of some fundamentals:


  • Accionista: Individual who owns the stock of a company
  • Balance general: Economic summary showing assets, liabilities, and assets of a company.
  • Inversión: investing resources with the expectation of gaining benefits in the future.  
  • Mercado objetivo: Segment of the population to which the company directs its product.
  • Rentabilidad: Measure of the benefit obtained in relation to the investment made.



Phrases you need to know

  • “Ponerse manos a la obra”: To start a work immediately
  • “Estar al tanto”: To be informed about something.
  • “Hacer números”: Making financial calculations or estimates.
  • “A corto/largo plazo”: It refers to the short or long period of time respectively.
  • “Llevar la batuta”: Assume a position of control or leadership in a situation.

In the world of meetings


If you have already attended some meetings, you will know that specific language is used.

Some of the phrases you will be able to hear or use are:

“Vamos a tocar base”:  Revise or discuss a specific topic.

“Echar un vistazo”: Analyze something briefly.

“Ajustar tu propuesta”: Making changes or modifications to a completed proposal.


Idioms and colloquial expressions

Although it is a business environment, you don’t always have to be serious. Some funny expressions you should use are:


  • “No hay que vender la piel del oso antes de cazarlo”: We take nothing for granted before it happens.
  • “Estar en las nubes”: When you are distracted  or you are not paying attention.
  • “Poner los puntos sobre las íes”: Being clear.



  • Are these phrases used only in Hispanic countries? Although many are universal, each region may have its own idioms and industry jargon. It is always best to know the local peculiarities! 
  • What tools can I use to improve my Spanish in business? Specialized courses, special dictionaries, and clearly practical experience will be your best ally. 
  • Does business jargon change by industry (finance, technology, health)? Absolutely. Each sector has its own language and specific terms. It is essential to know the specific vocabulary of your area of interest.


Spanish, with its variety, offers a wide range of possibilities in the corporate world. Mastering “business Spanish” means not only knowing the correct words, but also understanding the context, the nuances of each phrase and expression. As always, practice is the best teacher. Now that you know these basics, you are ready to take your first steps into the world of Hispanic business. Go for it!

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