We just have spent two really nice weeks with our group of Italian students who came to Granada to get to know the Spanish language and culture as well as our beloved city.


Students in class

The past two weeks we had the pleasure to receive a group of twelve students and their teachers from Italy at our Spanish school iNMSOL in Granada.

In the mornings they had Spanish lessons and divided in smaller groups according to their level they we’re working on their grammatical, lexical and communicative skills. In the afternoons we organized activities and excursions.

They started their week with a guided tour through the city center and the Realejo, the former Jewish neighbourhood where our school is located. We showed them the most important places of these areas such as the Cathedral, Plaza de la Trinidad, Puerta Real or Campo del Príncipe.


The next day we had a guided tour through Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, an ancient Arabic palace where the Moorish Kings used to spend the days of Ramadan.


During our visit of the Albaicín on Wednesday, our students had the possibility to get to know the special charm of Granada whilst walking through the little alleyways between the white houses of the Arabic neighbourhood and enjoying the spectacular views one has on the city and the Alhambra in various places of that area.

The next day we went on our “Graffiti Tour”: Accompanied by one of our teachers, the students went to explore the area of the Realejo in quest of the graffiti of the artist “Niño de las Pinturas”, famous in Granada for his extraordinary artwork.



On Friday we went to discover the world of science in Spanish. We all had a lot of fun during our excursion to the Science Park of Granada and looking at the stars and constellations in the planetarium is surely a memory we won’t easily forget.

Science Park of Granada


On Saturday we had something special for our Italian group: a trip to Seville. They visited the Andalusian capital and all the important places, such as Real Alcázar, the Giralda, the famous Plaza de España and the María Luisa Park.

Plaza de España and Real Alcázar



We started the second week with a guided tour to the Sacromonte, the little mountain that rises behind the Albaicín and is famous for its cave-houses of the Gipsies.

On Tuesday we had a little walk in the direction of Avenida de la Constitución, where you can find statues of various historic or famous Grenadian persons. Our Italian students learned something about the lives of some of those persons, for example the famous Grenadian poet Federico García Lorca.


The next day we went to see the famous Alhambra, an UNESCO World Heritage.

The famous Alhambra

You cannot stay in Granada without visiting this Moorish fortress, which hovers above the city on its hill and is with its decorated palaces, gorgeous gardens and fantastic views certainly a place full of history, and we can’t deny it, also of a unique magic.

The rest of the week the students had free afternoons and could go and explore Granada at their own leisure and enjoy the special atmosphere of Granada, a little and international town at once, a modern city full of history, a multicultural city full of Andalusian culture, a city with mountains and sea, a city full of contrasts and a unique charm in this world.




We had a great time with our Italian students and we hope they return soon to iNMSOL!

If you also would like to go on a trip with a group of students from your high school to learn Spanish in Spain with efficiency and fun in a beautiful, magical environment, iNMSOL in Granada is the perfect place for you!

We’re waiting for you! 😉 

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