Have you ever considered joining the growing group of culturally-sophisticated individuals who have chosen to learn Spanish as their second language? Or will you stick staunchly to that inaccurate electronic translator forever?

Picture yourself learning language in Granada, Spain.

Why not plan your next holiday learning Spanish in beautiful Granada? A rich atmosphere full of graceful natives without the hassles of big cities, Granada may be your destination of choice to learn Spanish without setting a foot inside a sterile college classroom.

It has never been easier

Backpackers, college kids, and even high school students who choose to learn Spanish are fearless, passionate students of the language, willing to make mistakes, and infuse themselves in the culture, music, and traditions.

They all agree: The easiest way to learn Spanish is by being in consistent contact with the language. It may be through music, songs, active dialogue, and even by consistent exposure through the Internet.

They also agree: The fastest way to learn Spanish is by speaking to natives.


Why Spanish?

Fact: Over 21 countries officially speak Spanish as a first language. In addition to that, 4 more countries have large populations of Spanish speaking individuals and consider Spanish their unofficial second language (L2). This list goes without adding the large Hispanic population living in the United States and the growing minorities of Latin Americans living in Canada.

Add one more group to this equation: The growing number of future English-Spanish bilingual students and workers who are currently learning Spanish in both public and private school settings.

Conclusion: Within the next couple of years there will be exponentially more people all over the world with the ability to speak Spanish versus a small minority that will choose to remain monolingual and null to a second language system. Which would you rather be? The Know’s or the Knows Not’s?

Where to start?

Start fun, start small. This is the mantra of formal Spanish teachers. The Lonely Planet series has interesting and fun books that appeal to the kid in all adult learners. You can choose from:

  • Spanish Words and Phrases
  • Visual Spanish Bilingual Dictionary
  • Joseph Keenan’s Breaking Out of Beginner’s Spanish

Make your move today and become a part of a vibrant community of language learners. There has never been easier to learn Spanish the way we are meant to learn: with fun!

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