Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish: cultural notes, events, grammar, vocabulary and phrases

New year… new purposes

If you have the desire to study Spanish, this learning program should become of your new purposes for 2018 and an aspiring New Years Resolution.

Spanish: global tool in business

Languages ​​allow us to better develop in the various business options that arise daily. Come to learn business spanish in Granada

How Learn a New language in Summer

Summer is the best period to learn a new language. It is the time when you are free and ready to adventure and explores new things

DELE exam 2018

Having a DELE diploma is very important, especially from the academic and professional point of view.

Some useful resources and exercises

In this section you have the possibility to consult some explanations/exercises which can clarify doubts regarding grammar and spelling.

Start Learning Spanish In Spain

Learning a second language can actually increase a person’s memory, and it can help to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. There are ample reasons why learning Spanish is great.

Benefits of Learning Spanish in a Group

Learning Spanish can be exciting and intimidating. To learn a new language, especially Spanish, most people sign up for a class and even download an app.

DELE certificate and IMSOL.

The Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is a Spanish school situated in the centre of Granada  which offers its students  – of any age and level –  courses in Spanish during all the year. Our school presents many different benefits, including the preparation for DELE’s exam from one week and all over the year. Nowadays Spanish is…

5 Memory Hacks for Better Studying

When it comes to learning Spanish, remembering large lists of vocabulary is essential. This can seem like a daunting task at first, but there are a few methods you can use to make the whole thing easier. Try out these memory 5 hacks to study more effectively. Repetition   Simply repeating something over and over will get in…

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