Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish: cultural notes, events, grammar, vocabulary and phrases

Spanish in the movies world: action and learning!

Netflix and chill in Spanish? Did you ever think that watching a movie would become a useful way to learn Spanish? But yes, friends! Movies not only entertain us, but by immersing us in plots and dialogue, they open a unique window with a view into the fascinating world of Spanish: its accents, cultures, and…

The subjunctive in Spanish: tricks and tips for mastering it 🔥

El subjuntivo en español es como una puerta secreta dentro de una casa antigua. Para muchos, incluidos algunos nativos, puede parecer enigmático y desconcertante. Sin embargo, una vez que descubres cómo abrir esta puerta y exploras las posibilidades que ofrece, el español se vuelve mucho más variado y apasionante. ¿Estás listo para resolver el misterio…

Reflexive verbs in Spanish: an adventure for students

Reflexive verbs  Spanish, with its wide range of expressive verbs, can appear enigmatic to students. At the heart of this linguistic maze, reflexive verbs emerge as a particular challenge. However, do not  fear students. Our mission is to reveal the mysteries of these verbs and facilitate their use and understanding.  At iNMOSOL, you can learn…

Summer Spanish courses for Teens 2021

Our Summer Spanish courses for Teens 2021 have been held with all guarantees. Our students enjoyed the Spanish course and activities, have a look!

The importance of language tourism

The union between the tourism company and the main players in language tourism can offer Spain the possibility of being a world leader in language tourism.

Combine our Spanish courses with ski lessons in Granada

Granada is the perfect place to combine Spanish and skiing courses in Granada. Without a doubt, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and is only 25 minutes from Sierra Nevada, the southernmost ski resort in Europe. Temperatures go down, winter is approaching, Sierra Nevada already looks white and the cold floods…

Learn with songs

Many of the iNMSOL students ask us for advice on ways to practice Spanish, or additional learning methods to classes that are not boring. Following your suggestions we propose one of the techniques that will entertain you the most: songs. Why learn with the songs? For several reasons. Music brings us many benefits when learning…

DELE exam results of April 2019

From Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we inform all of our users that the DELE exam results of APRIL 2019 have already been published. Instituto Cervantes has already made it official, so all candidates can already learn whether they have passed their exam. We would like to give you some important information:   The deadline for requesting…

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