Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish: cultural notes, events, grammar, vocabulary and phrases

Learn with songs

Many of the iNMSOL students ask us for advice on ways to practice Spanish, or additional learning methods to classes that are not boring. Following your suggestions we propose one of the techniques that will entertain you the most: songs. Why learn with the songs? For several reasons. Music brings us many benefits when learning…

DELE exam results of April 2019

From Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we inform all of our users that the DELE exam results of APRIL 2019 have already been published. Instituto Cervantes has already made it official, so all candidates can already learn whether they have passed their exam. We would like to give you some important information:   The deadline for requesting…

Alone in a New City? Here’s What to Do

If you’ve arrived in Granada, for instance, and don’t know what to do with yourself, one thing to do in this beautiful city is go to visit the Alhambra!

Professional Reasons For Learning Spanish

If you want to expand your business or your personal skill set, consider learning Spanish to build opportunity and expand advantages. Why learn Spanish?

Language-Learners Coming to Spain: What to Decide Beforehand?

You know you want to learn Spanish, and you want to do so in Spain, but what else do you need to keep in mind and have decided before you arrive? Read on for some tips to make your trip, and summer in Spain, an unforgettable one.

Begin of a new season of DELE and CCSE exams

As official examination center for DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) and CCSE (Conocimientos Culurales y Socioculturales de España) exams, we begin a new season of DELE and CCSE exams at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol.

New year… new purposes

If you have the desire to study Spanish, this learning program should become of your new purposes for 2018 and an aspiring New Years Resolution.