Legends of Granada

The city of Granada is full of charming corners that have given rise to countless legends, some real and others that come from generation to generation for years and it has not been possible to verify if they are real or not, but all of them legends that we are immersed in other times and cultures.

In this section, from iNMSOL, we intend to become a participant in these various legends, and enjoy both of them as we are contándotelas.

The origin of the word “Malafollá”

Today iNMSOL is going to tell you the story behind a word people in Granada widely use: “malafollá”. Do you know its origin and what it means? It is the description of one of the most genuine aspects of these citizens’ character. The word “follá” comes from the Latin word follis and means “to blow…

The legend of the non-death of Lorca

We tell you one of the most known legend about Lorca’s death in which it is said that the poet was still alive and he changed his identity.

The legend of the Devil’s broom

We talk about one of the most famous legends of Alpujarra.
Discover the story of “The Devil’s broom” on our blog.

The legend of mono careto

We talk about one of the most needed legendary being in the Mythology of Andalusia, the mono careto which lives on the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

The legend of Abu Haq Es Saheli

Es Saheli, poet and manufacture of mosquee from Granada, was a very important figure in the Islamic world and he deserves to be remembered.

The legend of Three Cultures

It is said that in Granada 3 cultures coexited due to the fact that we can visit different quarters throughout the city.
Is that true?

The legend of the King of the Silence

Do you know where the name of peak “Mulhacén” comes from? Muley Hacén was a King of Granada who knew to appreciate beauty and became the king of the silence.

The legend of the walled balcony of Casa de Castril

In the Carrera del Darro, between the hills of the Alhambra and Granada district Albaicín, is a landmark of a Renaissance palace built in 1539, the Casa de Castril. This building, former home of the Archaeological Museum, contains one of the most nostalgic legends of Granada city. Today we want to share it with all…

The legend of the sun clock

In previous publications we have told several legends about the Alhambra in Granada, including the legend of the young man and the Falcon or the legend of the Courtyard of the Lions. Today we want to share with you the legend of the Clock of the Sun. This legend is based on the capture of…