A week with Italian students

We tell you about the stay of a group of Italy in IMSOL. They improved their Spanish and discovering Andalusian culture. They enjoyed a lot.

The legend of the non-death of Lorca

We tell you one of the most known legend about Lorca’s death in which it is said that the poet was still alive and he changed his identity.

DELE examination and preparation centre

It starts a new period of DELE examination and in the Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we are already preparing to offer all the calls and the best preparation you can have. We are DELE Examination and preparation centre with a great experience. Our teachers are DELE examiners and they will help you to get the highest score in your exam.

Growth of learning Spanish in Hong Kong

The most three spoken languages worldwide are by native speakers and in this order Chinese, Spanish and English. As China keeps growing so does the educational level of its citizens. In Hong Kong, which is one of the most developed cities in Asia, the interest for learning Spanish is growing extremely fast.

Alone in a New City? Here’s What to Do

If you’ve arrived in Granada, for instance, and don’t know what to do with yourself, one thing to do in this beautiful city is go to visit the Alhambra!

Spanish Christmas commercials

If you are spending Christmas in Spain you will surely see that television is loaded with advertising. Between toys and perfumes there is still space for some spots that are worth watching. From Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we want to compile some of the most important Spanish Christmas commercials this year. Christmas spots have become a…

Granada getting ready for Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 is getting closer and our city is already in the mood to celebrate it. During these days the city of Alhambra will light up with more than 2.223.453 light bulbs spread across the city centre and barrios. Lights and surprises The Council of Granada has decided, together with other nearby cities, to forward…

Two weeks with a group of russian students? Wonderful!

Hi everybody! Today we would like to tell you all about the russian student that came to Granada for two weeks in order to study in IMSOL. Kazán – Granada The russian students, accompanied by their teacher Olga, flew all the way from Kazán to Granada the day 13/10/2018. During this day the  students met…

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