The Perseids

The Perseids, also known as St Lawrence’s Tears, are the annual star shower with the most brilliant meteors. But why are they provoked? They are dust particles, the size of a grain of sand to a pea, that disintegrate about 100 kilometers high. From iNMSOL we want to give you some tips on the most famous star rain in the world!

Every year, in this period it is possible to observe the spectacular rain of stars, the well-known Perseids. This year, 2023, will not be an exception! What’s more, this year will be especially good because the observation conditions will be fantastic.

St Lawrence’s Tears

Best Nights to see the Perseids

What’s the best night to see the Perseid rain? Every year, millions of people gather to observe the shooting stars that cross the sky. The peak of the rain of stars will be this year almost «perfect». The best nights to see the Perseids will be on the nights of August 11th to 13th, which this year will be on the weekend, specifically on Saturday night.


Where to see them?

The perfect place in Granada to see the rain of stars is…. Sierra Nevada, of course!

As every year, excursions are organized at the top of the most famous peak of Andalusia, so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful spectacle.

Taking advantage of the high moment of the rain of stars (Perseids), you can live the magic the night of August 11 at 2700 m. altitude with the observation of the sky through a workshop guided by professionals with picnic dinner and set with string music.


Three options available, you can find more detailed information here:
  • Basic package: By purchasing this package you will be able to go up in Cable car to Borreguiles, to take advantage of the high moment of the rain of stars (Perseidas) but to your air. ¡ Don’t forget to bring warm clothes!
  • All Inclusive Family Perseid Package: In this activity you will learn about the nature of meteor showers, the birth of the solar system, the origin of comets and the emergence of life on Earth. The talk will be enlivened by humorous songs performed live ad hoc for this explanation.
  • All Inclusive Perseid Package: You will start with a pleasant chat during which you will be introduced to the interiors of the Perseids and observe the fall of the meteors as Azimuth’s team of astronomers describe and interpret the planetary phenomenon.

Perseids on Sierra Nevada

Do not miss the opportunity to see the St. Lawrence’s tears and enjoy the views of the sky!

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