The Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is located in the centre of the city of Granada, in the traditional district of Realejo, less than five minutes walking from Puerta Real, the Cathedral, the Gran Vía de Colón, the main theatre, hotels, restaurants, shops..etc. To have more information, click this link.


It was established in 1992.


The school is in the very city centre, in the unique quarter of Realejo, less than 5 minutes walking from Puerta Real, the Cathedral, Gran Via de Colón, theatres, hotels, restaurants, shops etc.


Our teaching centre is accredited by Instituto Cervantes and it’s also a member of FEDELE (Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros). In addition, we are members of: Federación Provincial de Empresas de Hostelería  y Turismo de Granada, AEEA (Andalusian Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners), ELITE (European Federation of Associations for Teaching Mother Tongues), The  Granada Commerce Chamber, Examination Centre of The Madrid Commerce Chamber (Business, Medical and Tourism Spanish), we are also entitled by Germany and by Austria, to provide Bildungsurlaub both language and commercial Spanish courses, We also provide Spanish courses for Swedish people with CSN´s grants (Central commission of economical assistance for studies in Sweden).

We have five classrooms fully-equipped for the study of Spanish with TV, video, DVD and all the necessary audio and CD equipment.

We have a Computer room with seven computers and free wireless connection in the whole school building.

Yes, we have a library where you can borrow Spanish books, CD’s and films.

iNMSOL-GRANADA has a very professional and dynamic teaching staff. Teachers have superior university degrees, the teaching training certificate (CAP) and, in addition to these, a specific methodological preparation given by the school for the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Moreover all iNMSOL-GRANADA language teachers are native.

It’s possible to have internet access just in families accommodation. So, if the student wants, he/she can ask for a home-stay accommodation with internet access included, with a previous request. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the availability of this service because families with this service are few. In any case the student will have free Internet access in our computer room and  he/she can bring his/her computer to school because we have wireless in the whole school building.

Our accommodations don’t have parking, but in Granada you can easily find payment parking near the school and your accommodation.

Lessons start every Monday and it takes place until Friday (except in bank holidays).

he Spanish public holidays are: 1st January, 6th January, 28th February, Holy Thursday, Holy Friday (Easter), 1st May, 15th August, 12th October, 1st November, 6th December,  8th December, 25th December, plus two local holidays (2nd January and in June).
The Spanish Labour Laws say holidays falling on Sundays will be celebrated
on the following Monday
When there are two bank holidays in the same week, iNMSOL-GRANADA only takes one of
There are no classes on these days, no replacement classes are offered (except for the individual courses and Group Stays) and there is no refund for lost classes.

Our courses are designed for a maximum of 10 students per class.

For intensive courses the minimumm is 3, and the maximum is 10. For the rest of the courses (except one-to-one), the minimum number of students per class is 2.

The class will take place, but the length of the class will be reduced (to half the time) and there will be individual lessons without extra expenses.

Every lesson has the duration of 45 minutes.

The lessons will be in Spanish only; as this will force you to learn faster (English may be used as a last resort!).

On the first day of the course participants will have to undergo a language test to determine their level of Spanish and the most suitable classes or groups to join for both their level of grammar and conversation, and vocabulary.

You can speak with your teacher about that and, with the director, we will do our best to find the proper solution to your needs.

Normally classes run in the morning, but they can be held in the afternoon, too. Students cannot choose the schedules, althought we try to organize the schedule also according to the students’ needs, when it’s possible.

We offer courses for the six level framework of language proficiency developed by the Council of European Languages:
Basic levels: A1 and A2
Intermediate levels: B1 and B2
Proficiency levels: C1 and C2

No, you don’t have to buy it because our school provides you the didactic material with the loan service (excluding dictionaries) and teachers will give you also photocopies when necessary.

A good dictionary is essential when you are learning a language, especially after the beginning level. Good, full-size dictionaries are relatively inexpensive. One of the best full-size Spanish-English dictionaries is The Oxford Spanish Dictionary .Smaller dictionaries are good because you’re more likely to carry them with you and because they don’t confuse you with the less commonly used senses of words. Our teachers will help you to choose a good dictionary because not all small dictionaries are comparable. Ask to one of ours professors before you buy it. These dictionaries are very inexpensive and you should probably get one, even if you also have a full-size dictionary.

Lessons are taught to be interactive with the aim to practice the language. Vocabulary and grammar are studied in a contextual way, focusing on the students’ participation both in the oral and in the written production. Teachers use exercises on the different grammatical structures, dictations, readings paying special attention on the phonetics and pronunciation, etc. creating controlled and free conversation, always with the teacher’s corrections.

Yes, if you need it, iNMSOL-GRANADA can prepare you for D.E.L.E. ((Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) which is the only examination recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

In 2010 all DELE exams (6) will represent the 6 levels of European Common Reference Framework for Languages: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Yes, a part from Intensive courses we offer: Tourism Spanish, Medical Spanish, Commercial Spanish, Spanish and South American history, culture and literature.

Yes, we offer courses for groups during the whole year. We organize all the duration of the stay, including the accommodation, the transfers, the activities and the classes.

Yes, you can have individual classes. You can choose between just individual classes or combined course (individual classes + group classes).

Yes, we offer grammar and conversation courses (2 classes per day).

Yes, we offer courses for people over 50 (2 classes per day).

At the end of the course, participants will receive an iNMSOL-GRANADA Attendance Certificate, free of charge, specifying the duration of the course, the achieved level and the total number of lessons. To get it, it’s necessary to attend an 80% minimum of classes.
If required, participants could also receive an iNMSOL-GRANADA Aptitude Certificate. In this case, students have to pass an exam that iNMSOL-GRANADA will elaborate and evaluate.

Yes, we normally organize a training course for teacher of Spanish (as a second language) 6 times per year.

The certificate has got the Instituto Cervantes stamp.

The shuttle bus service from the airport to Granada costs 3 €.Buses leave the airport after the arrival of each flight. In the event of a delay, the bus will wait for the arrival of the delayed flight.

Yes our school provides the pick up service from both Granada airport and Malaga airport and this service should be booked in advance.

We will give you all the necessary information about the school and your accommodation before your arrival.

The week’s stay begins on the Sunday before the start of the course and ends on the Saturday just after the end of it.

You have to tell us in your registration form and we will book the accommodation for you for extra nights. The cost for the extra nights is:

  • Shared apartment: 17 euros (double room)–20 euros (single room)
  • Shared apartment with Spanish people: 19 euros
  • Homestay half board: 22 euros (double room)–25 euros (single room)
  • Homestay full board: 26 euros (double room)–28 euros (single room)

No, you can book a double room just if you come with someone else.

iNMSOL-GRANADA offers these accommodations:

  • Shared apartment: Our apartments are full equipped:
    • Bedrooms have: bed, closet, table and chair.
    • Common areas: Living room with TV, a place to sit and eat;
    • Kitchen with fridge, washing machine, cooker/stove;
    • Bathroom.
  • Home Stay accommodation: half board (two meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner) or full board (three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner), single or double room. A washing of clothes per week is included. It is necessary to include in the enrollment any kind of allergies, nutritional habits, if smoker or not etc.
  • Shared apartment with Spanish people. Places are limited, so it is necessary to ask availability before confirming. In this option, participants can share the apartment with a Spanish family or just with one person, with the possibility of using common areas.
  • Hotel/Hostal and individual apartment booking: If required, we can also arrange this kind of accommodation. Prices depend on requirements.

Normally the distance from the school to our accommodations it’s within twenty-minute walk.

It is possible to come with an “accompanying person”, who does not wish to take part in any course but needs accommodation. This person will pay for the accommodation he/she chooses + an extra (45 € per week) and can take part in all the extra activities organized by the school.

Yes, you can still stay with one of our Spanish families. They will be able to cook vegetarian food for you, or arrange special requirements for you. When you fill in the registration form, just let us know your dietary requirements.

The participant will find in the accommodation all the necessary for the bed (pillow, sheets, blankets etc.), but not towels and products for personal hygiene.

We have students at the school aged 13 (with parent’s authorization) as well as aged 50+. However, the majority of the students learning Spanish with us are between 23 and 25 years old.

We currently have 5 teachers. All of our teachers have the relevant qualifications to teach, and many years of experience with students of all levels of Spanish.

They mostly come from Europe (Sweden, Italy, Germany, Turkey and England) and America (U.S.A) with a few coming from other countries.

Yes, the price of the course includes the daily program and its activities, but these activities are not compulsory and it will take place if there is a minimum of 2 students. For this reason it is necessary for students to make a registration for such activities.

The excursions are organized by extern agencies and for this reason students have to pay for it. If the student wants to participate to an excursion he/she has to make the registration with at least two days before the day of the excursion.

Some of the activities we organize are: walks in Granada with a teacher guide, extra grammar tutorials, movies sessions in the school, conference about Spanish culture (literature, history, music…), tapas tour, salsa nights, and visits to museums/expositions with free entrance. All the activities are led by an iNMSOL-GRANADA teacher.

We organize at least five activities per week.

Some of the excursions iNMSOL-GRANADA offers are to: Costa Tropical, Alpujarras, Seville, Cordoba, Alhambra, etc. All the excursions are led by a professional guide who has been working for iNMSOL-GRANADA for years.

Inscriptions can be made in the following ways:by internet through our web site ; by fax, sending the Registration Form to: +34 958 293732
by ordinary mail, sending the Registration Form to:
Instituto Mediterráneo Sol
Enriqueta Lozano, 17
18009 Granada

Upon arrival, participants will hand in three recent passport-photos. It is also possible to make copies of a document with a photo.
The inscription is only accepted when a minimum prepayment of 100 €, which will be deducted from the total fee -or the total amount of the stay- is made by:

  • Bank / wire transfer, indicating the participant name.
    • Account Name: Instituto Mediterráneo Sol;

Cajasol – Banca Cívica
Plaza Fontiveros nº 27
18008 Granada – Spain

CC: 2106 1639 82 2240531034
IBAN: ES58 2106 1639 8222 4053 1034

  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)
  • Postal giro to Instituto Mediterráneo Sol; Enriqueta Lozano, 17 18009 Granada (España)
  • In cash, when the inscription is made directly in the school office.


On your first day of lesson with money or with credit card.

iNMSOL-GRANADA Cancellation Conditions are: Cancellations will be accepted only when the participant provides evidence of justifiable reasons for doing so.
The school must receive notification of a cancellation at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing via e-mail, fax or letter. Then we will send confirmation of receipt. The school will take into account the date of delivery, not the date of posting.
Refunds: If the notification of cancellation is received:
15 days or more before the start of the course, the school will refund all money paid except the prepayment, i.e., 100 €
Between 15 and 5 days before the start of the course, the school will refund 50% of the money paid if this amount is higher than the prepayment (100 €).
Less than 5 days before the start of the course or after the start of the course, the school will not refund any money paid.

For those participants who need a travel visa in order to attend the course, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will send a confirmation letter by fax to the Spanish Embassy of the student’s country. For this, participants will have to:

  • Send the inscription form.
  • Fax a copy of their current passport.
  • Have paid the total amount of the course and the accommodation.

In case of travel visa denial/refusal the school will need a copy of it for any refund.
The school must receive notification at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing via e-mail, fax or letter. Then we will send confirmation of receipt. The school will take into account the date of delivery, not the date of posting.
Refunds: If the notification of cancellation is received:
15 days or more before the start of the course, the school will refund all money paid except the prepayment, i.e., 100 €
Between 15 and 5 days before the start of the course, the school will refund 50% of the money paid if this amount is higher than the prepayment (100 €).
Less than 5 days before the start of the course or after the start of the course, the school will not refund any money paid.


Instituto Mediterráneo Sol advice their members to have a Travel Health insurance. Members from countries that belong to the European Union can be covered either by the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or by Formulary E-111.

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is also able to provide members with a particular Spanish private insurance.


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