European Researchers’ Night is an event celebrated on September 29 in nearly 400 European cities, with the goal of bringing young and old closer to the world of science.

Granada will be one of the cities hosting the event, and iNMSOL is always ready to inform you about cultural events in our city.

Activities of the European Researchers’ night 2023

Workshops, experiments, visits and debates above science and research will be the attractions you can participate in on September 29.

Let’s now take a look at the activities that will be held on the streets of Granada. The University’s Faculty of Science and the Bio Sanitary Research Institute are the main promoters of this event.

The program includes different activities and themes such as biology, psychology, zoology, or visits to research laboratories.

Hours are from 10 a.m. until midnight and events will take place in the Paseo del Salón as well as in the UGR Science Faculty.


Visit the official event page to see the organization in detail!


What are you waiting for to join?

Last year approximately 15,000 people participated, and we hope that this edition will be as successful.

We hope you enjoy this event and learn new things about science!

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