On Thursday the 30th of April the students of Instituto Mediterráneo Sol gathered at 8:30pm in the Institute with out teacher Juan Luis to attend the most enjoyed activity by our students: the tapas route.

During the walk we visited a part of the Realejo, the barrio in which is situated also the Institute, with its plazas and its principal street San Matías. the students were fascinated by the typical graffiti of this area of the city, which is also known as the barrio in which used to live the Jews.

After a few glasses of wine and of tinto de verano in a bar in the Campo del Príncipe, the group, led by Juan Luis, headed for a wine bar near Plaza Nueva to order other tapas and to conclude the route chatting and making jokes all together.

Obviously, all the students enjoyed these moments of reunion outside the classes in which they could know their schoolmates in a different context and use the language skills they have learned in the classes.

ruta de tapas

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