We advise all our students and collaborators to read carefully the following information and general conditions when making the registration in iNMOSL

Inscription and Course Payment

Inscriptions can be made in the following ways:

  1. By internet through our web site www.inmsol.com
  2. In person at the school’s office
  3. By ordinary mail, sending the Registration Form to:
    Instituto Mediterráneo Sol
    Enriqueta Lozano, 17
    18009 Granada

Participants will obtain detailed arrival information once they have received the iNMSOL course confirmation and, subsequently, have paid the 100€ prepayment. Students will receive the iNMSOL Student Guide, with additional information of interest.
Upon arrival the participant will hand over his passport or identity card and will hand over the deposit of 60€ stipulated. In addition, it undertakes to provide the administrative information required for inclusion in the school management programme.

Information and general conditions. Inscriptions of minors (individual and group stays)

A signed parental authorisation form must accompany any inscription of a minor. These kinds of stays (Individual and groups stays of minors) have to be paid in full before arrival. The parent or legal guardian agrees to send the required information to the school well in advance.

Information and general conditions. Payment methods.

For registration to be effective, the participant must make a minimum prepayment of € 100.00 that will be deducted from the total stay. Payment of this advance may be made by:

  1. Bank / wire transfer, indicating the participant name.

    Account name: Instituto Mediterráneo Sol S.L.

    Bank: BBVA

    Bank address:  Plaza Isabel la Católica 1, CP 18009 Granada (Spain)

    CC: 0182-7565-69-0201578596

    IBAN  ES6301827565690201578596


    In the case of making the payments through banking means, the expenses generated by the same are borne by the participant. iNMSOL will always provide the student with the bank receipt.

  2.  Credit Card (Visa, Master Card). Payment conditions.

  3. In cash, when the inscription is made directly in the school office.


  • For stays for groups the only way to make the payment is via bank transfer.
  • If the participant pays via bank he will be responsible for paying all bank charges.
  • It is necessary to send by email the receipt of payment indicating the participant’s name.
  • If only a prepayment has been made before arrival, the rest of the payment must be made on the first day of course, at the latest, in the school office and in cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Métodos de pago


  • Extra Night: The week of accommodation begins on the Sunday before the start of the course, and ends on the following Saturday. When participants arrive before or leave after these days, they will have to inform the school for availability and then pay the respective extra nights (see price list).
  • Accompanying person: Participants can come with other people who don’t wish to attend a course. They will have to pay the price for their chosen accommodation plus 25€ per week. This will allow them to participate in all the free-of-charge activities organized by the school and to use other services from the school such as the internet access. Spanish classes and paid activities are not included and must be paid at the same price as other participants.
  • Deposit: On the first day of class participants must leave a deposit of 60 € in the school (or its equivalent in their country’s currency) to be held for the duration of the course. This deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the stay after the safe return of everything lent by iNMSOL for the course and/or accommodation: books, films, novels, DVDs, blankets, sheets, keys, etc . If the participant, because of misuse or negligence, causes without justifiable reason, any type of damage to this material or the accommodation, the price of replacement or repair will be deducted from this deposit.


2. Information and general conditions. VISA

For those participants who need a travel visa in order to attend the course, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will provide a confirmation letter so that they can arrange it. For this, participants will have to:

  1. send the registration form.

  2. Send a copy by email of their current passport.

  3. to have paid the total amount of the course and the accommodation (if requested).

For minors, all this documentation must be accompanied by the signed parental authorisation form and a passport photocopy of the parent who signed the authorisation.

In case of travel visa denial/refusal the school will need a copy of it for any refund (see Cancellation Conditions-4.1 Visa).

Tramitación de visados

3. Information and general conditions. ORGANIZATION AND CLASS SCHEDULE

Every lesson has a duration of 45 minutes. The classes will be carried out interely in Spanish from the first day and without using any other language. iNMSOL teaching staff are all native Spanish speakers and they are highly qualified for teaching ELE.


Groups and classes are organized by levels. We separate students by levels so that they learn as much as possible during their stay.

To obtain the iNMSOL certificate of attendance, it will be necessary to have attended at least 85% of the lessons.


General conditions according to the number of participants in the courses

The maximum number of students per class of the same level and the same course characteristics is 10, and the minimum is 3. If this minimum is not reached, the following conditions will apply:

1 student or 2 students: the participant will receive 50% of the contracted lessons as one-to-one lessons (1 teacher/1 student) or semi-private lessons (1 teacher/2 students), according to his/her level and needs. In no case should the student pays the difference in price.

 3 students or more: participants will receive 100% of the contracted lessons, in group


Exceptions to the general conditions:

Different conditions will apply to the following courses (you can have a read to the full conditions here):

  • DELE preparation courses (2 and 4 lessons per day).
  • Themed courses and courses for specific purposes: Spanish and Latin American literature; Spanish and Latin American history; Spanish and Latin American culture; Spanish for business; medical Spanish and Spanish for tourism.
  • Training courses for ELE teachers (native and non-native).
  • Course for Seniors 50+.

For the rest of the courses the general conditions will apply.



  • Course of 20 lessons in group shifts to 10 individual/semi private lessons.
  • Course of 25 lessons in group shifts to 13 individual/semi private lessons.
  • Course of 30 lessons in group shifts to 15 individual/semi private lessons.

5th and 6th lessons (for II.Intensive and III. Superintensive courses)

The maximum number of participants per class is 10 and the minimum is 3. If the participant is the only one who has 5th and 6 th lessons, the lessons change as follows:

  • 5 lessons in group shift to 3 individual/semi private ones
  • 10 lessons in group shift to 5 individual/semi private lessons.

Teaching timetable and teachers are subject to availability of the Language centre and potential changes during the course. In other words, despite taking into account student requests and trying to adjust as much as possible classes cannot be chosen.

Horarios de clases

Bank holidays:

The classes will be timetabled either in the morning or in the afternoon / evening, from Monday to Friday, except holidays. The bank holidays in the Spanish Labour Calendar are: 1 January, 6 January, 28 February, Holy Friday (Easter), 1 May, 15 August, 12 October, 1 November, 6 December, 8 December, 25 December, plus two local holidays.
The Spanish Labour Laws say holidays falling on Sundays will be celebrated on the following Monday.
When there are two bank holidays in the same week, iNMSOL only takes one of them.

There are no classes on these days, no replacement classes are offered (except for the individual courses and Group Stays) and there is no refund for lost classes.

Teaching Material

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol provides the participants (as a loan service) with all the necessary teaching material during the course: books, complementary material, NOT DICTIONARIES. For this it is necessary to leave a deposit at the secretary’s office on the first day of the course.


A week´s stay begins on the Sunday before the start of the course (from 16.00 hrs.), and ends on the Saturday, just after the end of it (before 12.00 hrs.). Any arrival before or departure after that which has been established must be made clear to the school and the extra nights paid depending on the type of accommodation.
All information concerning accommodation will be sent to the participant not less than one week before the arrival date and always after having received the prepayment of 100 € (for Group Stays, the amount previously arranged).

Arriving late or Leaving early

The minimum stay for the course (except for individual lessons) and for the accommodation is 1 week. The later arrival or earlier departure with respect to the dates confirmed by the school does not imply any discount or refund on the price of the stay. Neither will it be possible to extend the length of the course or the accommodation for the above reasons.

Pick-up Service for Individual Stays

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol can arrange a pick up service from the airport direct to the chosen accommodation. This service is made by professionals of the Spanish transportation sector- i.e., taxi drivers- and the price will depend on the arrival/departure airport and the city where the course will be made (see price list).


iNMSOL Cancellation Conditions are:

  1. Cancellations will be accepted only when the participant provides evidence of justifiable reasons for doing so.
  2. The school must receive notification of a cancellation at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing via e-mail or letter. Then we will send confirmation of receipt. The school will take into account the date of delivery, not the date of posting.

4.1 Visa                                                                                                                             

Participants who have obtained a letter of invitation for their student visa application through iNMSOL may only apply for a refund if the return has been refused. It will be essential to show the original refusal letter and other documents that prove it. Once the center checks the documentation, will proceed to the refund of the total payment except 100€ of management expenses.

Refunds/ withdrawal of payment

If notice of cancellation is received:

  • More than 15 days before arrival, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will refund all the money paid except the 100 EUR advance.
  • Between 15 and 5 days prior to arrival, you will be refunded 50% of the money paid (if full booking has been paid).
  • If the cancellation is made less than 5 days in advance no refund will be made.

If the student requests the withdrawal of the contract, once the course has begun, he must clearly justify the reasons that motivate it, and provide the evidence he deems appropriate. To do this, you must fill in the request form, available in Secretariat and in the Student Guide.

These cases will be considered individually and resolved within 24 hours. In case of non-acceptance of the withdrawal by the school, the student may claim through the appropriate instances (see “Claims and dispute resolution”).

Change of destination, course and/or accommodation

  • BEFORE ARRIVAL: If after sending the inscription, participants wish to change location, type of course, accommodation or dates, they will have to inform the school in writing via e-mail, fax or letter at least two weeks before the start of the course (in high season, one month before) in order to assure the change. If the participant applies for a change less than 2 weeks before the start of the course, this will not be accepted. In case of cancellation of the booking, cancellation conditions will be applied.
    • Postponement of the course: if for justifiable reasons (serious illness of participants or his/her relatives (mum, dad, son, daugther, brother, sister) participants cannot carry out their stay in full as booked, they must provide proof with the corresponding document if possible. In this case, participants will have the possibility of postponing their course (for a minimum of 1 week and up to a maximum of 12 months) without losing any money at all on the course (participants will only have to pay the difference in price if the course takes place in a different year and iNMSOL’s prices have changed).
    • Change of courses: if the participant, when the course has still started, would like to change it, this change will be possible if the following circumstances will be fullfilled:
      • The course that the participant wants to attend, has to be active in that period and has to include the minimum number of participants
      • The duration of the course has to be the same as the one in the previous course.
      • The cost has not to be inferior of the previous course. If it is longer, the participant has to pay the difference.
      • The change has to be permitted by headquarters and central office of the school.

In both cases (BEFORE ARRIVAL and DURING THE STAY) participants will loose any money paid for the accommodation. All changes of the former inscription will always be subject to availability at the moment of informing the school.


Stay Extensions

If participants wish to extend the length of their course or attend a different one, it will be possible if there are free places. The same will happen with accommodation. For this reason it is important that the school has this information at least 1 week before the end of the first course.

Complementary Courses

iNMSOL will provide the participants with all the information concerning complementary courses, such as, guitar, windsurfing, flamenco, scuba diving, etc. which they wish to follow and will also be the intermediary if participants require it. But iNMSOL WILL NOT assume any responsabilty for these courses, because it is not the school that organizes or programmes them, but specialized organizations external to the school.

Health and Travel Insurance

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol advises participants to bring, at least, a health insurance with them, and a travel one if they want it too. Those who come from the European Union can make use of the European Health Insurance Card, formerly called the E-111.
The school can arrange insurance with a Spanish company if it is required.

Behaviour and Conduct Rules

If participants misbehave, have bad manners; are disrespectful to their schoolmates, teachers, etc. or break the school rules in class and/or their place of accommodation, the school will inform them verbally and in writing of the possible consequences of behaving that way. If their conduct does not change after this first warning, the school will start with the expulsion procedure if it is necessary and always in accordance with the current Spanish legislation.
In the case of breaking a local, national or international law during the stay, iNMSOL will take all the necessary steps according to the seriousness of behaviour.
The expulsion of any participant implies the loss of any right to receive any kind of refund.
All the expenses caused by the participant’s behaviour (damage compensations, fines…)will be satisfied by the participant and,in case of underage participants, by their parents or legal guardians.

Complaints and Conflicts Resolution

In iNMSOL we have the necessary procedures so that any problem that may exist during the stay is solved as soon as possible. The participant must in all cases communicate their complaints in writing and the school must respond in the same way.

In case of not reaching a full agreement between both parties (school and participant):

  • The problem can be submitted to the Junta de Arbitraje de Consumo del Ayuntamiento (Consumer Arbitration Board of the City of Granada).
  • The school also has at its disposal at the secretariat:
    Official Claim Sheets of the Junta de Andalucía that, by law, must be available in all public premises.

No claim or complaint made after the end of the stay will be accepted that has not been made known to the school during the course and that has not been made in writing and consequently nothing could be done to resolve it in time.


iNMSOL is not responsible for any advertisement made by others concerning the school.


You allow Instituto Mediterráneo Sol the automatic use of your personal data. Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, S.L., according to the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, about the Personal Data Protection, informs you that the personal data given through its web page (www.inmsol.com) will be treated in a confidential way. Such personal data will be used only by the Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, S.L., for the provision of services through the web page, as sending newslettes and bulletins or future comercial communications to the one, who has registered.

In the same way, we inform you that you have the right to access the net, edit or delate your data according to the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, about the Personal Data Protection; just contact us.

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, S.L., does not sell or lend to thirds the personal data given. The user garnntees that personal data are truthful and is responsable to communicate any changes of these.

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, S.L. has taken all necessary safety measures to avoid the alteration, lost, not permitted treatment or access to the datas. Even so, the user has to be conscient that the security measures are not impregnable on Internet.

The very fact of enrolling and attending a course implies the acceptance and fulfilment on the part of the participant of all the Information and General Conditions included in these pages.
Instituto Mediterráneo Sol s.l. reserves the right to change or modify anything expressed in these pages whenever there is a justified reason for doing so.

Información y condiciones generales

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