Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, and it continues to grow in use and popularity each year. It is not especially difficult to learn compared to some languages, because it is largely phonetic, and it is extremely useful in communication, both in the United States and around the world. There are many reasons to pick up Spanish, so it is no surprise that many native speakers of other languages are trying to master this language as well.

Many serious students are deciding to learn Spanish in Spain!

If you truly want to master a language, there is no faster or more effective way than to spend some time studying it abroad. Living abroad forces you to listen, speak and read in a foreign language, even when you are not in class. Applying language learning to practical purposes in real life is the most effective way to learn, studies show. Many people are choosing to take Spanish courses in Spain, the mother country of the Spanish language, in order to become fluent in proper Castilian Spanish.

For a fun and enriching experience, learn Spanish in beautiful and historic Granada, Spain! This city is full of culture and activities; Spanish students can experience warm beaches, snowy mountains, and fabulous Spanish food, such as traditional tapas.


Our Spanish Learning Center INMSOL offers a number of courses in Spain for all age groups, as well as intensive courses, individual courses and even classes that infuse Spanish culture, such as Flamenco dancing.

Spending time abroad allows you to soak up the local culture while you learn Spanish in Spain. It also allows you to practice your new language skills in practical and real-life ways, which lets you learn skills that you simply couldn’t acquire from a textbook alone.

Learning a foreign language has countless benefits. It makes traveling easier and more fun, lets you make friends easier, and looks great on a resume. On top of that, psychology studies show that language learning boost creativity and longevity of brain functioning! If you have an interest in learning to speak Spanish fluently, studying in Spain is an invaluable experience that will allow you to truly master Spanish.


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