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Our mission, vision and values

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol carries out every action accordingly with our mission, our vision and our company values.

Our Mission

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol‘s commitment goes beyond academics.

Our activity focuses on the teaching of Spanish as a second language, including culture, history and literature as living. These elements are an essential part of the educational experience.

It is essential to offer an environment of freedom and respect among our students and staff.

Our Spanish school is committed to carrying out dynamic and flexible educational processes, making use of an active methodology. Our differentiation is to offer personalized teaching adapted to the changing needs of students.

Tolerance is our main value. Cultural and linguistic pluralism, and the dissemination of the Spanish language and culture among different communities, our main goal.

Our Vision

This is our idea of what we can become in the future.
  • Our reason for being and our values ​​lead us in a direction of growth that we want to achieve through various strategies. For the short and long term future we aspire to:
    Defend the quality of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, as well as all the services we offer. This is done by complying with the quality standards set by our benchmark evaluating entity: Instituto Cervantes. We mantaing this accreditation.
  • Teach quality language courses and stays based on the different personal and professional profiles of our students, aware of their needs and expectations.
  • Encourage associations in our sector with related companies in order to exchange experiences and carry out joint actions that have an impact on the training of our staff and on the permanent improvement of the quality of our courses and other services offered.
  • Carry out all the current official exams, and possible in the future, that lead to official certification as a guarantee of quality in the courses taught.
  • Encourage the stability and commitment of the people in our company through participatory leadership and promoting job and professional stability.
  • To be a reference in terms of media modernization and, in the long term, expand the spaces where we carry out our activity in order to create media that have an impact on the experience of our students and the quality of the services offered.

Our Values

What is important for the iNMSOL team?
  • Professional ethics, honesty, tolerance and respect for all people regardless of culture, race, religion, origin, ideology or opinion.
  • Solidarity.
  • Commitment to the service we offer and respect for what is advertised and contracted by our students and providers.
  • Flexibility to incorporate innovations favoring permanent evolution.
  • Interaction between the different departments of the center for a unified operation.
  • Vocation in customer service in everything you may need during your stay, whether related to our commitment or as advice for actions and situations outside of it.
  • Respect for the privacy of our clients, workers and suppliers.
  • Commitment to the health and professional and sanitary safety of our clients and workers.
  • Commitment to the environment, favoring its maintenance and care through a sustainable business model that takes care of the environment.
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