Pisos compartidos

This option of accommodation is a flat in which the participants will have their own room (single room if they come alone, or double room if they are accompanied) and they will have access to common areas for all the roommates (living room, kitchen and bathroom).


The room type could be:

  • Single room
  • Double room (2 separate beds)


Special features of the shared flat accommodation

The shared flats are fully equipped. It is indicated for more independent people, always students over 18.


The main features of this accommodation are:


  • These accommodations are located within a radius of no more than 25 minutes on foot from iNMSOL (Granada city center). They are selected in comfortable neighborhoods, as quiet as possible and with public transport options and shops.
  • In this modality, flatmates can be both Spanish and foreign, of any age (from 18 years on), nationality and sex, and it is not possible to choose.
  • Products for shared use among the inhabitants are borne by the occupants of the apartment (cleaning products, napkins, kitchen paper, toilet paper, etc.), in addition to towels and personal hygiene products.
  • This type of accommodation does not include any meal plan: each student must buy and prepare their own meals. You will have access to the kitchen and all the facilities. The student may not take or consume food from other classmates without permission.
  • Students staying in shared apartments must follow guidelines for behavior and maintenance / cleaning of the apartment.


Shared flat accommodation fees (per person)

Price for a single room: 120€ per week

Extra night fee: 22€/night


Price for a double room: 100€ per week

Extra night fee: 20€/night


Accompanying person fee: an extra fee of 25€ per week will be paid for each person who wishes to accompany a student during their stay, without participating in the courses.



Generally,  the student must follow these guidelines in any accommodation type:

  • Keeping the accommodation and the room itself clean and in good condition.
  • Washing dishes after use.
  • Not keeping trash, empty bottles, or other waste at home.
  • Clearing the rom (luggage, shopping, etc.) and cleaning it (as found) before 12 am on the day of departure, in order to clean properly before new arrivals.



It is not allowed to:

  • Inviting people to the accommodations and hold parties. Nor can people be accommodated without notifying the school.
  • Changing the layout or decoration of the accommodation without permission. It won’t be possible to fix photographs or posters to the walls.
  • Making noise between 23.00 and 08.00.
  • Using of candles, lighters, or other incandescent objects on furniture (for safety).
  • Staying longer than reserved without first consulting the school.


The school and the owners of the accommodation have the right to inspect the general conditions of the accommodation without previous notice.


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