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Działania i związane z nimi raporty naszych studentów i Granada i cieszyć nauki hiszpańskiego życia. Najnowsze wiadomości o nas samych i świata języka hiszpańskiego!

European Researchers’ night 2023

European Researchers’ Night is an event celebrated on September 29 in nearly 400 European cities, with the goal of bringing young and old closer to the world of science. Granada will be one of the cities hosting the event, and iNMSOL is always ready to inform you about cultural events in our city. Activities of…

False Friends entre el Español y el Inglés

False Friends Imagina tener un amigo que siempre te sorprende, pero no siempre de la mejor manera. Un día te trae tu postre favorito, y al siguiente, te hace tropezar cuando menos te lo esperas. ¿Frustrante, verdad? En el reino de los idiomas, estas peculiares “amistades” existen y son conocidas como ‘false friends’, o falsos…

Cinema nights in Granada 2023

Don’t miss the cinema nights in Granada! Need a fresh place? Check the films that will be screened in Huerta de San Vicente.

Perseids Night 2023

The Perseids The Perseids, also known as St Lawrence’s Tears, are the annual star shower with the most brilliant meteors. But why are they provoked? They are dust particles, the size of a grain of sand to a pea, that disintegrate about 100 kilometers high. From iNMSOL we want to give you some tips on…

Dates of the DELE exams 2024

DELE 2024 exam dates are now available. From iNMSOL we want to give you all the important information if you are interested in certifying your level of Spanish. DELE exams are the best option in the field of education and work. Instituto Cervantes has published the calendar of DELE calls for 2024. In this calendar…

Summer cinema in Granada

Wanna beat the heat of Granada? Have a look to these outdoors cinema options in the city… a cool plan for the warm nights!

Corpus Fair 2023

Discover an important festival in Granada: the Corpus Fair 2023. Many religious and pagan events will accompany the citizens for a week.

Armed Forces Day 2023

Do not miss the celebration of the Armed Forces Day! This 2023 Granada carries out a program of spectacular activities.

Andalusia Day on February 28

Celebrate February 28 in Andalusia: the day of Andalusia Every year on February 28 is a very special day for all Andalusians, because it is celebrated the day of Andalusia. This day is bank holiday, peopel do not work and all Andalusians spend the day with family and friends, also taking part to important constitutional…

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